Skinny Watermelon Margaritas

Made with fresh watermelon juice, lime juice, and silver tequila, these skinny watermelon margaritas are ultra refreshing and perfect for summer parties. Serve them in a pitcher or DIY watermelon keg and garnish with festive watermelon stars!



8 ounces watermelon juice (strained)

8 ounces silver tequila

4 ounces lime juice



For Watermelon Juice

If you want to eat the watermelon after juicing it, cut it into pieces and allow them to sit in a colander over a large bowl for a few hours. Once you have enough juice (1 cup will serve 4), pour it into a carafe using a funnel and a fine-mesh strainer to get rid of any excess pulp or seeds. Refrigerate and set aside. 

If you don’t care about eating the watermelon, fill a blender about 3/4-way full with a seedless watermelon, working in batches, and blend until smooth. Pour pureed watermelon through a fine-mesh strainer to get rid of excess pulp and seeds. Refrigerate and set aside. 

For Skinny Watermelon Margaritas

Combine the tequila, fresh watermelon juice, lime juice in a pitcher or watermelon keg. Add in a good amount of ice and stir thoroughly.

Garnish glasses with watermelon stars.  


If you prefer sweeter cocktails, add in 1-2 ounces of store-bought simple syrup. It’ll sweeten these skinny watermelon margaritas right up. 

If you’re serving cocktails individually (as opposed to in a pitcher or watermelon keg), combine 1/4th of all ingredients in a cocktail shaker along with some fresh mint and ice. Shake thoroughly until chilled and strain into a cocktail glass. 

Lime wedges and mint sprigs work well as garnishes, too! You can also salt the rim, as well, although I’m not personally a fan of how the salt mixes with the watermelon juice. 

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