Collaboration Opportunities

Meet Stephanie Ziajka-- the founder and creator behind the fashion and southern lifestyle blog Diary of a Debutante

Diary of a Debutante offers a variety of collaboration opportunities. Please email Steph at [email protected] for a media kit and pricing list. For my digital resume with professional recommendations and endorsements, visit my personal LinkedIn page. My available services include but are not limited to–

Sponsored Posts

I work with an assortment of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands to create sponsored content for a set rate of compensation. A standard sponsored post package includes a minimum of three social media shares. Upon the purchase of a sponsored post, you will be guaranteed a designated post date, offered the option of pre-approval of content, and allowed to provide key product messages for inclusion. In keeping with FTC regulations, sponsored posts will always be labeled accordingly.

Check out some of my most successful sponsored posts below–

Social Media Campaigns

In addition to sponsored blog content, I work with PR companies and brands to promote products and key messages on social media ( Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube) for a set rate of compensation. Brands will also be granted advertiser access to set up paid social on their end. In keeping with FTC regulations, sponsored social posts will always be labeled accordingly.

Video Content Creation

Video marketing is king right now! I’d love to create a video for you for a set rate of compensation, dependent on length and platform (Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Live, etc). Upon hiring, marketers will be granted an opportunity to request edits and designate a posting window. In keeping with FTC regulations, sponsored video content will always be labeled accordingly.

Check out two of my favorite sponsored video campaigns below–

Also, just for fun– check out this article for more information about the overall impact of video marketing!

Freelance Writing

As a contributor for several international media companies and websites, including Proud2BMe and eBay, I often act as a freelance content creator for a select variety of fashion, beauty, and community websites. In these cases, I write as Stephanie Ziajka and rarely identify myself as Diary of a Debutante, unless specified in our binding business agreement. These contracts can be negotiated per post or for a set rate per post during a designated period of time.

Product Reviews

Depending on the value of the product or service being provided for review, additional compensation may or may not be required for guaranteed inclusion in Diary of a Debutante’s content. Additionally, due to the high volume of product review requests, I cannot guarantee a set time frame in which the review will be posted, nor do I assume any obligation to post if a product cannot be included organically in regularly scheduled content. In those cases, and depending on the guidelines of our written agreement, items may or may not be returned at the brand’s expense.

Content will not be provided for pre-approval by PR representative or brands, and as reviews are written in my genuine voice with authentic commentary, posts will not be edited after completion based on requests to do so. If you would like to ensure the tonality of the post based on certain limitations and time constraints, your product or service may be eligible for inclusion as a sponsored post with a set rate of compensation.

Event Hosting

As a southern debutante with a knack for throwing parties, I would love to host your event or plan a party to feature your product! Rates will be dependent on the time commitment required, nature of work, number of attendees, and location, and all events will receive an honest write-up on Diary of a Debutante under Community and/or Eating Disorder Awareness, assuming the topic is relevant.

Press Coverage

I frequently attend community events and would love to cover yours. Please email me at [email protected] to inquire about my availability. Press credentials and a minimum of one assistant pass are requested. Additional compensation may be required depending on travel provisions.

I would also be honored to receive press coverage on your website or media outlet! Read more about my existing notable media mentions here.

Freelance Modeling

For modeling inquiries, please contact me directly at [email protected] for freelance pricing or through one of my three agencies for contracted rates. I’m actively represented by Slate Model Management, Professionally Pretty, Inc., and Level Talent Group.

To contact Slate Model & Talent Management, please email [email protected] or call (407) 841-7600.To contact Professionally Pretty, Inc., please contact [email protected] or call the Orlando agency at (321) 610-2138. To contact Level Talent Group, please contact the Tampa agency by email at [email protected] or call (813) 814-4944.