5 Ways I’ve Pivoted My Business to Adapt to COVID-19

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares her top small business tips for surviving COVID with the help of the GoDaddy #OpenWeStand microsite on Diary of a Debutante

It’s no secret that small businesses are having to pivot left and right to stay afloat in the wake of COVID-19. I know that as a digital content creator, I’ve felt completely at a loss at times. Aside from getting to spend more time with my dogs, I really just couldn’t find any upside to it all. I joined GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand chat on LinkedIn a few weeks back, though, and found one major benefit of being a part of the small business community… just that, community. I was amazed by everyone’s candor and willingness to share tips, tricks, and ideas for surviving COVID-19 together.

If you haven’t joined the conversation yet, GoDaddy actually just launched an entirely new #OpenWeStand microsite further dedicated to providing resources, inspiration, and creative solutions for adapting to COVID-19, and it’s inspired me to completely rethink my business model. I mean, if estheticians can adapt by launching online courses and fragrance brands can shift to producing hand sanitizer, I can figure something out, right?! I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I’m sharing five ways I’ve pivoted my business to adapt to COVID-19 in today’s post. Keep reading for all five!

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