Spring Gardening Goals + My Favorite Gardening Finds on Amazon

Best Gardening Finds on Amazon by southern lifestyle blogger Stephanie Ziajka from Diary of a Debutante

One of my biggest goals for 2019 is to improve my gardening skills. Last year, I destroyed pretty much everything I planted within a matter of weeks, and it was heartbreaking… and expensive. So, this spring I decided to start fresh by doing everything in my power to turn my black thumb green. I bought a bunch of gardening books, signed up for a Mid-MO small farms and backyard gardens seminar– that we later forgot to go to, and actually asked nursery employees for tips and recommendations. I’m happy to say that I haven’t effectively killed anything so far this season (emphasis on so far), and, honestly, I’ve been having a lot of fun learning the tricks of the trade. I did need to purchase quite a few new gardening tools and planters, though, and I’m sharing my favorite gardening finds on Amazon with y’all in today’s post!

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