Quick + Easy Mini Beef Taco Appetizers

Easy mini beef tacos recipe adapted from Pizzazzerie's Entertain in Style by Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

Now that so many of our friends have kids, my hosting motto is, “When in doubt, serve tacos.” Kids love them. Adults love them. Everyone loves them! And do you know what’s better than tacos? Mini tacos! Not only are they delicious, they’re absolutely adorable and easy to both serve and eat. Since May is Beef Month, I thought it’d be both fun to share my favorite mini beef tacos recipe with y’all in today’s post! It’s adapted from Pizzazzerie’s Entertain in Style and involves making my own shells and using one pound of ground beef, an onion, and some seasoning for the filling. They’re perfect for summer fiestas, Cinco de Mayo, Día de los Muertos, and pretty much every occasion in between. Keep reading for a printable/shareable mini taco recipe card, plus tips on how to serve them!

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