Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List

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Is it just me or is shopping for stocking stuffers pretty difficult? I feel like I default to the same things time after time, so this year I racked my brain for new ideas. Whether you need stocking stuffer ideas for men, stocking stuffer ideas for teens (who are the hardest, in my opinion), or stocking stuffer ideas for adults in general, I’m rounding up over 50 Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for everyone in your family (even your doggo!) in today’s post. Keep reading to see them all!

FYI- A lot of these stocking stuffer ideas overlap (I mean, who doesn’t love lip balm?), so I tried my best to not be too repetitive.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

Ah, this is an area I consider myself an expert in. Here are 50+ Christmas stocking stuffer ideas that any woman will love–

  1. Ornaments (I rounded up a few of my favorites here)
  2. Decorative knobs (you can find some really fun ones at Anthropologie)
  3. Beauty supplements (like these collagen peptide travel packs)
  4. First-aid kit (this one is cute, compact, and light!)
  5. Conversation starter cards (BestSelf Co makes my favorite decks)
  6. Diffuser oils
  7. Sleep masks
  8. Candles or wax melts (I love giving colorful individually-wrapped taper candles)
  9. Rechargeable candle lighter
  10. Candle adhesive wax (this one is my favorite– it keeps taper candles from leaning)
  11. Matches (these pretty matches come in a decorative glass jar)
  12. Craft supplies (like vinyl, smart cutting tools, non-stick scissors, etc)
  13. Shower steamers
  14. Tea accouterments (like these dainty little teaspoons)
  15. Gourmet syrups for cocktails and coffee
  16. Measuring cups or spoons (I love these!)
  17. Kitchen towels and napkins
  18. Handy kitchen utensils (like herb scissors or this gold fine mesh strainer set)
  19. Dried culinary flowers (this set has dried rose petals, lavender, marigold, and chamomile)
  20. Mini handheld fan (this one has a 5-star rating with 1500+ reviews)
  21. Cute PJ set (I love these— they’re faux silk and look really cute rolled up with a bow!)
  22. High heel insoles
  23. Foot callus remover (like this one)
  24. Wine markers or charms
  25. Wine purifier sticks (these remove histamines and sulfites to reduce headaches!)
  26. Cocktail picks and drink stirrers
  27. New jigger or set of bar tools
  28. Reusable straws
  29. Drink coasters
  30. Napkin rings
  31. Handheld milk frother (this one is under $20 and comes in over two dozen colors)
  32. Chip clips (I own and love these gold ones!)
  33. Baking supplies (sprinkles, cupcake tins, etc)
  34. Flower arranging supplies (scissors, floral tape, flower food, etc)
  35. Jewelry
  36. Mirror compact
  37. Silicone wedding bands
  38. New smartwatch band
  39. Spools of pretty ribbon
  40. Laundry dryer balls or Sock Monkey sock holders
  41. Fabric shaver (this one is awesome and removes pilling and matted fibers)
  42. Lint rollers or pet hair removers (this one‘s great for removing hair from linens/furniture)
  43. Re-usable storage bags (these are great!)
  44. Blank greeting cards
  45. Mini planners
  46. Pretty notepads and shopping lists
  47. Recipe cards
  48. Postage stamps (USPS sells some pretty cute ones sometimes!)
  49. Desk accessories (like these pretty push-pins, binder clips, or colored paperclips)
  50. Herb or flower seeds
  51. Gardening tools or grow kits (gloves, Miracle-Gro water can singles, etc)
  52. Hair clips and accessories
  53. Hair scalp massager brush (this one is amazing and under $10)
  54. Jade facial roller
  55. Tinkle eyebrow razors
  56. Eye balm moisture stick (TULA is my favorite, but Cocokind MyMatcha is a close second!)

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Coming up with stocking stuffer ideas for men is tough. So, I picked Kyle’s brain a bit on this one. Here are 50+ stocking stuffers for your husband, boyfriend, brother, and whoever else– 

  1. Holiday socks (Bombas are expensive, but my husband swears by them)
  2. Ties
  3. Cuff links
  4. Boxers
  5. Wallet Ninja (it’s an 18-in-1 multitool card!)
  6. Money clips
  7. Sudoku and crossword puzzle book
  8. Card games and expansion packs (like Cards Against Humanity, That’s What She Said, etc)
  9. Mini spirit bottles and cocktail kits
  10. Gourmet cocktail cherries
  11. Flavored toothpicks (this brand is super popular)
  12. Bamboo BBQ skewers or cedar planks
  13. Spice rubs
  14. Hot sauces
  15. Meat claws (perfect for BBQ lovers!)
  16. Batteries
  17. Pocket-sized books (like The Pocket Guide to Action)
  18. Fountain pens (this one is super cool– it’s a pen, level, ruler, and more all in one)
  19. Electronics cleaning brush (like this one) or compressed air duster
  20. Screen cleaning kit
  21. Stress balls
  22. Cable organizers (these are leather and come in a set of 5)
  23. Key finder
  24. Ancestry kit
  25. Tide-To-Go and/or Clorox Bleach pens
  26. Poo-Pourri
  27. Car air fresheners
  28. Sneaker balls or deodorizer spray (like this all-natural shoe freshener)
  29. Deodorant
  30. Razor refills or travel-sized shaving cream
  31. Beard trimmer
  32. Manicure kits
  33. Packing cubes
  34. Cologne or body spray
  35. Men’s bath products (like body wash and facial cleanser)
  36. Hair pomades and styling products
  37. Toothbrush heads or new toothbrush
  38. Tongue scraper
  39. Mints and gum
  40. Silicone wedding bands (like this pack of 4)
  41. Running headbands
  42. Smart jump rope (this one is under $25!)
  43. Resistance bands (like these)
  44. Supplement travel packs (Kyle loves Athletic Greens travel packs)
  45. Microfiber sweat towels (like this pack of 3)
  46. Tire gauges
  47. Tape measure and other small tools
  48. Cans of W-D 40 and other handy fix-it supplies
  49. Magnetic tool wristband and hardware (screws, nails, drill bits, etc)
  50. Reflective bands for running and biking
  51. Headlamp
  52. Golf tees and balls
  53. Tennis grips, dampeners, and shock absorbers
  54. Fishing accessories
  55. Video games or video game accessories

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Whether you need stocking stuffers for teens or tweens, here are 50+ gifts they’ll love–

  1. Edible mug toppers (like these adorable dog marshmallows)
  2. Starbucks holiday hot chocolate mix (like this one!)
  3. Gift cards (Starbucks and iTunes are always sure bets)
  4. Personalized stationery 
  5. YA books
  7. Journals
  8. Sticky notes
  9. Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (or anything Harry Potter-related)
  10. Cookie cutters and other colorful baking supplies (spatulas, sprinkles, etc)
  11. Striped reusable straws
  12. Colorful shoelaces
  13. Phone/tablet holder (this one is too cute!)
  14. Earbuds
  15. Drop-proof silicone Airpod case (like this one)
  16. Fun USB charging blocks and chargers
  17. LED string lights
  18. Light-up gloves (these are super fun!)
  19. Cursive, skinny, or multi-colored message board letters
  20. Sushi making kit
  21. Fun popsicles molds
  22. Animal face masks
  23. Bath bombs
  24. Body sprays
  25. Loofa or body brush
  26. Lip balm or gloss
  27. Age-appropriate makeup
  28. Leopard cotton swabs (like these)
  29. Washi tape
  30. Art supplies (set of markers, paintbrushes, bottles of acrylic paint, etc)
  31. Cute pajama sets (anything Harry Potter or Hello Kitty is golden!)
  32. Cozy Christmas socks
  33. Twisted faux-velvet headbands or hair accessories (like Invisibobble hair ties!) 
  34. Wet Brush (they’re seriously the best hairbrushes!)
  35. Personalized jewelry
  36. Cute coin purses
  37. Makeup brushes and blending sponges
  38. Blending sponge holders (this set comes with a travel case, too)
  39. Makeup brush and sponge cleaning solutions
  40. Nail art stickers
  41. Nail polish
  42. New Popsocket or smartphone case
  43. Tangle-free charging cables
  44. FujiFilm Instax Camera and film
  45. Picture frames and photo holders 
  46. Colorful winter beanies or scarves
  47. Clear Game Day bags (also great for college students!)
  48. Confetti poppers
  49. Mad Libs
  50. SmartGames IQ Fit or other mind-challenging travel games
  51. Vinyl stickers (like these)
  52. Lottery, movie, and/or event tickets
  53. Succulents
  54. DIY Terrarium kit
  55. Funny Lego or Nanoblock sets (like this cheeseburger)

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Santa used to come into our rooms and put our stockings on our beds while we were sleeping. I don’t know how he knew when we actually fell asleep (I used to not be able to sleep on Christmas Eve), but we never caught him. Some of my fondest Christmas memories involve sneaking into my brothers’ rooms and opening up our stockings together. Anyways, I had a lot of fun coming up with this list of Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for kids– 

  1. Small plush toys
  2. Bubble bath
  3. Rubber ducks
  4. Crazy straws
  5. Magic Milk Straws
  6. Slap bracelets
  7. Glow necklaces
  8. Lego sets
  9. Puzzles
  10. Brain Quest cards
  11. Toothbrushes
  12. Pancake molds and shapers
  13. Noodlies and other fidget toys
  14. Magnetic letter set
  15. Mini book sets or small coloring books
  16. Do-A-Dot markers
  17. Baby and/or toddler hair bows and accessories
  18. ABC keyboard stickers (these are perfect for any kids wanting to learn piano!)
  19. Goggles and swimming gear
  20. Beach balls and pool floats
  21. Hooded towels (this adorable Grinch towel is my fave!)
  22. Walkie-Talkies 
  23. Night lights
  24. Spy toys (like invisible ink pens, magnifying glasses, etc)
  25. Magic sets
  26. Joke toys (Whoopie cushions, fake bugs, etc)
  27. Dress-up accessories (like capes, masks, and plastic jewelry)
  28. Dolls and doll accessories
  29. Fairy house building kit and garden accessories
  30. Rainbow modeling clay
  31. Silly putty and mini Play-Doh sets
  32. Small NERF balls and blasters
  33. Water balloons
  34. Stamp sets and erasable ink pads
  35. Decorative paper-edged scissors (like these)
  36. Bubbles
  37. Slime-making supplies (this kit has it all)
  38. Stickers
  39. Fun Band-Aids
  40. Balloon animal kit and supplies
  41. Smencils (they’re scented pencils, and kids love them!)
  42. Sidewalk chalk (and a stand-up Walkie Chalkie to draw with)
  43. Travel or card games
  44. Mini puzzles
  45. Magic 8 ball
  46. Yo-yos
  47. Matchbox cars
  48. Jump ropes
  49. Colorful slinkies
  50. Magic grow capsules (I loved these dinosaur grow capsules as a kid!)
  51. Cool gemstones and geode kits

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Dogs

Dogs are part of the family, too! I couldn’t quite come up with 50, but I’ve listed 30 great stocking stuffer ideas for dogs below–

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka rounds up stocking stuffer ideas for men and women, stocking stuffer ideas for teens, and stocking stuffer ideas for tweens on Diary of a Debutante

  1. Lady dog bows and bandanas (The Foggy Dog makes my favorites– and every purchase provides one pound of food to shelter animals)
  2. Pretty new collars
  3. New leashes
  4. Personalized dog tags
  5. Dog DNA test
  6. Cozy pet blankets
  7. Training treats
  8. Dog treat pouch
  9. Bones, bully sticks, and natural chews
  10. Dog biscuits and cookie treats
  11. Canine multi-vitamins (we love these)
  12. Salmon oil supplements (we buy this oil and put it in the girls’ food– they love it!)
  13. Calming aids (we love these chews)
  14. Dental treats
  15. Waste bags and waste bag holders
  16. Musher’s Secret dog paw protection wax
  17. Chuck-It medley balls
  18. Grooming kit supplies (like brushes and nail clippers)
  19. Shampoo and conditioner
  20. De-shedding tools (Furminators are great for dogs with an undercoat)
  21. Dog toothpaste and brush kit
  22. Vet wrap tape (I bought this tape for our girls– cutest vet tape ever!)
  23. Pet emergency pocket guide (like this one)
  24. Rope toys
  25. Plush squeaky and crinkle toys
  26. Nylabones
  27. ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherzs and burrow toys
  28. Pressure-less tennis balls
  29. Kong chew toys
  30. Collapsible water bowls

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If I missed anyone in your family (including pets!), feel free to let me know in the comments. I’m happy to come up with some additional Christmas stocking stuffer ideas!


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