Top 10 Anthropologie Christmas Ornaments

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Best Anthropologie Ornaments 2021 curated by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

You know who makes absolutely adorable Christmas ornaments? Anthropologie! They’re pretty pricey– a little too pricey to decorate your entire Christmas tree with, but they make incredible gifts! They had some particularly cute ones this year, too, so I decided to round up the my top ten favorite Anthropologie Christmas ornaments in today’s post. Keep reading to see all ten!

Just an FYI- Anthropologie had a massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, so some of these ornaments may be temporarily unavailable. Be patient, though– they should all come back in stock soon!

Top 10 Anthropologie Christmas Ornaments

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Best Anthropologie Christmas ornaments to give as gifts curated by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

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1. Hot Glue Gun Ornament– If I had to pick a favorite out of all these Anthropologie Christmas ornaments, it’d be this hot glue gun ornament. It’s just so darn precious, and it’s on the top of my life of gifts for crafters! It flies in and out of stock, though, so grab it when you see it! 

2. Gold Hot Air Balloon Ornament– This gold leaf hot air balloon ornament is pretty and whimsical and all the things Christmas should be. If you’re having trouble shopping for any particular person– or if you need an affordable Secret Santa gift, this $20 is pretty dang perfect!

3. Hand Sanitizer Ornament– Given the past two years we’ve all had, this hand sanitizer glass ornament is a fun way to commemorate all the insanity. It’s under $30, too!

4. Donut Display Case Ornament– This adorable donut display case ornament is just shy of $50 (kind of crazy, I know), but it’s a great gift option for any of the bakers in your life! Just FYI- one reviewer said they were disappointed the donuts don’t actually have holes in them. I’m not sure why that’s an issue, given lots of donuts don’t actually have holes, but I wanted to let you know regardless!

5. Champagne Bottle Glass Ornament– I actually put this sweet little champagne bottle glass ornament on my Christmas list. It’s perfect for any of the hostesses on your list– and it’s under $30!

6. Guacamole Ornament– If you know any guac lovers (or people who love to say “I know guac is extra”), this ornament is pretty dang perfect! 

7. Bakery Scale Ornament– I don’t think I know a single baker who wouldn’t love this adorable bakery scale ornament! 

8. Passport Ornament– Shopping for gifts for travelers can be tough, since you typically don’t know what they already have, want, and/or actually need. So, this precious little glass passport ornament is a great fuss-free option! 

9. Short Stack Pancake Ornament– Everyone loves pancakes! This adorable little pancake ornament is relatively petite, but its detailing is gorgeous. It’s under $25, too!

10. Picnic Basket Ornament– The details on this adorable little picnic basket glass ornament are just so precious. It’s under $30, too, so this one would make a great gift for anyone on your list! 

So… which of these Anthropologie Christmas ornaments is your favorite?! I already gave mine away (it’s the pink hot glue gun), but the guac and the donut display case are a close second and third!

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