DIY Chinoiserie Ornaments

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DIY chinoiserie christmas ornaments created by DIY blogger Stephanie Ziajka from Diary of a Debutante

I loved making these DIY chinoiserie pumpkins so much that decoupage ornaments were my next obvious crafting project. These DIY chinoiserie Christmas ornaments are seriously so easy to make, even if you aren’t particularly crafty, and they make an amazing addition to any blue and white Christmas decor (whether you’re going for a chinoiserie theme or not)! You can also choose whatever paper cocktail napkins you like, so if you’re more into a traditional red and green Christmas or whimsical white and pink color scheme, this decoupage method works for those, too. Keep reading for a step-by-step decoupage ornaments tutorial, including a simple how-to video!

DIY Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments

DIY blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares an easy decoupage ornaments tutorial on Diary of a Debutante


Here’s everything you need to make your own Chinoiserie ornaments–

  • Round white ornaments of any size– If yours aren’t white, swirl some white acrylic paint inside. That’s what I did with these clear balls from Michaels! I can’t find them online, but they’re shatterproof, 6 inches in diameter, and great statement ornaments. I also ordered these for my second pattern and love that they’re already white!
  • F⁠abric Mod Podge– I poured a small amount of Mod Podge onto a paper plate and then just added more as needed. Keep in mind that regular Mod Podge works too, although in my experience, it makes napkin tearing much easier. 
  • Blue and white paper cocktail napkins– I ordered these from Amazon and highly recommend this brand. Their napkins are well made and durable, which is important for decoupage projects. Otherwise, the tissue tears wayyy too easily. 
  • Thin sponge brush⁠- I use 1″ sponge brushes for all my decoupage projects!

I also used some old wine shipping packaging as an ornament holder while crafting. Crumpled up tin foil and/or old egg cartons (depending on the size of your ornaments) work well, too!

Decoupage Ornaments Tutorial

Here’s how to make these chinoiserie Christmas ornaments! Remember that you can use whatever cocktail napkins you like, so find a few napkin patterns you like and see which ones turn out the best. I used these napkins and these napkins (same brand) for our tree this year!

First, grab some pretty blue and white paper napkins and cut off any borders. Also remove any extra layers of tissue so that the napkins are only 1-ply thick (for reference, these were 3-ply) and then cut them into thin strips. ⁠If you’re going for a cohesive picture, I recommend keeping the strips in order so that the image lines up perfectly. If you don’t mind or are going for a more abstract motif, mixing up the strips looks pretty cool, too!

Next, pour some fabric Mod Podge onto a disposable plate and secure your ornament so that it can’t roll around. For reference, I used some old wine shipping packaging. Dip a narrow sponge brush in the Mod Podge and paint a light stroke onto the ornament. Position the center of the napkin strip in the center of the ornament and then gently smooth it down. Use the sponge brush to flush out any wrinkles, and be sparing with the Mod Podge! A little goes a long way, and speaking from experience, too much creates a tearing nightmare. 

Then, overlapping slightly at the top so that there aren’t any gaps, lay down the next napkin strip, making sure to line it up with the previous strip to create a cohesive pattern.⁠ Continue until you’ve worked your way around the ornament and then cut off any extra tissue on the top and bottom. Dab a layer of Mod Podge on each end and use the brush/ your fingers to smooth down the loose ends. Keep in mind that the top will be hidden under the cap, and the bottom won’t be super visible, so neither end needs to be neat.

Finally, pop on the cap, give your chinoiserie ornament a few hours (or more depending on how much Mod Podge you used) to dry, and you’re all done! Repeat this process with as many ornaments in as many patterns as you like!

Click play on the Instagram Reel below for a quick decoupage ornaments tutorial!


More Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make

I love a good holiday DIY, and ornaments can be fun to make for the whole fam. Here are a few easy Christmas ornament projects to try–

  • DIY Monogram Glitter OrnamentsThese monogram glitter ornaments are so gorgeous, and they look like they take hours to make, even though the process is so quick and simple! I used my Cricut to make these, though, so if you don’t have a smart cutting machine, grab some vinyl stickers at the craft store instead. 
  • Etched Monograms on Glass– Okay, so this tutorial is technically for etched monogram champagne flutes, which I realize aren’t ornaments. Still, this technique works on any glass ornaments you can find and makes really gorgeous personalized gifts! I use a smart cutting machine to make my stencils, but again, craft stores carry stencils, too. Give it a try!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for y’all today! Thanks so much for reaching, and, as always, let me know if you have questions. Whether you need clarification on this decoupage Christmas ornaments tutorial or any of my other DIY holiday decor projects, I love hearing from you guys, and I’m happy to help!


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