But First, Let’s All Take an ABC Selfie:
My New Televised BFF

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I’ve been on the hunt for an addicting new show ever since The Office ended like two years ago, yet I’ve been unable to fill the comedic void Michael Scott left in my heart… until now. It’s about time an entire show’s plot highlighted the hilarity surrounding the generational need for social media attention and the subsequent, superficial gratification one receives from engaging in it. I watched the pilot episode of Selfie on ABC (tune in on Tuesday, September 30th at 8pm/7pm Central to see for yourself), and I’m still laughing. I can’t get enough of this adorable romantic comedy or its hilarious main character, Eliza Dooley.I was so drawn to the show that I found myself taking the ABC Selfie personality quiz the other day, and I’m mortified to announce that I am…apparently… a full-fledged Eliza, aka a social media-obsessed “it girl.” With each of the three possible outcomes came a challenge, and mine entailed going 24 hours on September 16th without posting a selfie, a picture, or engaging with posts on social media. In other words, I was challenged to a complete and utter social media cleanse and/or detox. My fellow Eliza Dooleys and I were instructed to take only mental pictures… of all the beautiful sunsets, delicious food, adorable children, and basically anything typically considered gram-worthy in an effort to create lifelong memories instead of “just another” social media post.

Because of my eye-opening personality diagnosis, I originally envisioned this being an impossible feat for me. Quite the contrary. Truth be told, I actually really enjoyed my day! In order to eliminate any and all temptation, I turned my phone completely off, which was an incredible stress reliever for me– and simultaneously an anxiety inducer for my firm, and left my laptop at home. Without any tie to the realm of online sociability, what on earth was left to do?

Answer: Actually a lot. I was incredibly productive at work, blasting through a ton of training and putting the finishing touches on SIX (yes, six) pending projects. I also finished reading “Freakonomics” for the second time, as well as made a considerable dent in “#GirlBoss” by Sophia Amoruso. Oh, and I knocked out an impressive portion of the decoration of my new office (full post to come when it’s completely perfect– which will probably be in nine months).


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The best part is that my productivity completely overshadowed my desire to take even one selfie, although it was hard to not showcase my gorgeous new office artwork on Instagram, so I saved that for this post. As it turns out, the disconnect from social media kept me completed focused on the logistics of the tasks at hand instead of how fun or fabulous I looked while completed them. So note to self: if you’re ever wondering why you’re so distracted, try taking the phone off the hook, leaving your computer on sleep mode, and disappearing for a while. Not only will you make mental memories, you’ll see what it’s like to live and accomplish for you– and not for your following.

To gain some perspective on the importance of living in the moment and separating yourself occasionally from your social media fascination, do yourself a favor and tune in to ABC on Tuesday, September 30th at 8pm/7pm Central for their new hilarious show, Selfie.
Let me know what y’all think!

♥ Stephanie


22 thoughts on “But First, Let’s All Take an ABC Selfie:
My New Televised BFF

  1. Victoria Sneden

    So funny, I just saw a commercial for that show on TV and I totally didn't get the point until now. So glad to hear that you enjoyed your Digital Detox, I feel like we definitely don't do that enough!

  2. Lauren Scorzafava

    I have heard of this show but haven't watched it yet. You know, usually when something really good or exciting is going on I never take a picture because I'm too busy enjoying the moment to stop and say let me take a picture of this. I have friends on the other hand who take 10 million pictures. I usually just end up grabbing the pictures from them later.

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


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