Look for Less: 20 of the Best Designer-Inspired Fashion Accessories

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The best designer dupes on Amazon (including the best designer bag dupes, designer shoes dupes, and more) curated by affordable fashion blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

Have designer taste on a shoestring budget? Join the club! That’s why I’ve rounded up all of my favorite designer-inspired fashion accessories on Amazon in today’s post! Click anywhere on the collage for item details or scroll down below for more detailed information on all look-alike styles. [Updated 2/27/20]

HOW TO SHOP: Scroll below to the corresponding number from the collage and click the link. You can also click here to view my Designer-Inspired Fashion Accessories ideas list on Amazon.

Best designer dupes on Amazon rounded up by affordable fashion blogger Stephanie Ziajka on diary of a Debutante

Designer Look for Less | 1-6


These studded slingback stilettos are dead ringers for the Valentino Rockstud T-Strap Slingback Pumps, which retail for just under $1,000! They come in over 20 different colors and styles and have amazing reviews, too.

2. STEAL: Amazon

These Gucci-inspired sunglasses have a 4.5-star rating and are available in several different-colored frames! I own them in black and seriously wear them every chance I get. They fly in and out of stock, though, so if you can’t find the color you like, this pair is a great second option!

3. STEAL: Nordstrom Rack

This budget-friendly o-ring foldover crossbody bag looks just like the Chloe Faye! It comes in two colors, too. For a full round-up of Chloe-inspired handbags, click here!

4. STEAL: Amazon

These Valentino Rockstud look-alikes come in over 20 different colors and styles! These designer-inspired heels have above a four-start rating, and according to most reviews, are well made, comfortable, and look identical to their $1000 counterpart. 


Turns out, Celine bags are not only expensive– they’re hard to find, too. Snag this Celine Micro Luggage-inspired handbag, which is available in black, brown, and gray, for a minor fraction of the authentic bag’s nearly $3,000 price tag! Shein sells a similar version, too, although it doesn’t have great reviews. 

6. STEAL: Amazon

This Gucci-inspired bag has a 4.5-star rating and costs a mere fraction of the authentic bag’s price tag! It’s also available in three different color combinations.  

Designer Look for Less | 7-12 

7. STEAL: Amazon

Snag this year’s most popular designer belt for under $20! This Gucci Marmont-inspired belt is available in 6 different colors and styles. 

8. STEAL: Amazon

The Chanel Vintage Crossbody is a classic– and if you’re lucky enough to find one, it’ll cost you somewhere near $5,200. This Chanel look-alike bag is the perfect size for all the essentials (cards, phone, keys) and costs less than $30! 

9. STEAL: Amazon

Stuart Weitzman makes incredible boots, but I’ve never able to bite the bullet and purchase an authentic pair. Honestly, I’d take a good cheap pair of OTK boots and go on vacation with that money any day. These Stuart Weitzman look-alike boots are just as cute and under $50. You can also find awesome heeled Stuart Weitzman look-alikes here.  

10. STEAL: Amazon

This suede tassel crossbody bag is a great Saint Laurent look-alike! Snag it in black or red for under $25. Honestly, my personal favorite YSL-inspired bag is this one, but it keeps coming in and out of stock.

11. STEAL: Amazon

This pearl clover strand necklace looks just like Chanel’s most iconic piece of costume jewelry! It comes in 2 different colors and has over a 4.5-star rating on Amazon!

12. STEAL: Amazon

This designer-inspired bracelet is downright beautiful. It’s amazing quality, too (especially for its $20 price point), and comes in over a dozen colors.  

Designer Look for Less | 13-20 

13. STEAL: Amazon

Of all designer-inspired accessories, this Goyard St. Louis look-alike tote is one of my all-time favorites. It’s only $30 and available in over six different colors. It’s also surprisingly durable and makes a great book bag!

14. STEAL: Overstock

This Hermes-inspired belt comes in over a dozen colors and has above a 4-star rating with 200+ reviews! I also found this Hermes-inspired alligator belt, which has H buckle with a dragon on it, and this Hermes Cape Cod-inspired belt, which has a double H on it, if you’re looking for Prime shipping!

15. STEAL: Shein

These studded Valentino sandal look-alikes come in a few different colors and cost under $25 with shipping! They have stellar ratings, too– over 4.5 stars with 2,500+ reviews!

16. STEAL: Amazon

This padlock wallet may be my favorite designer look-alike on this list! It looks nearly identical to the Hermes Kelly Classic Wallet, which retails for over $3,000! It’s also available in a dozen different fun colors. If it’s showing as unavailable, this leather wallet looks very similar and has absolutely stellar reviews!

17. STEAL: Amazon

These Valentino Rockstud flip flop look-alikes have over a 4.5-star rating and are perfect for summer!

18. STEAL: Amazon

The iconic Cult Gaia “Gaia’s Arc” handbag has easily been one of the most popular bags of both 2017 and 2018. Snag a $45 bamboo look-alike bag with a 5-star rating here

19. STEAL: Amazon

These oversized Gucci-inspired sunglasses have a 5-star rating, y’all! They’re available in nine different colors and are perfect for summer!

20. STEAL: Amazon

These Hermes Oran Sandal look-alikes are such a steal. They’re $20 (the Hermes version sells for just under $700) and have great reviews! Order them in 4 different colors here!

To check out all my favorite designer-inspired fashion accessories in one place, follow along with my shopping list! I update it the second I find something new, so it’ll always be more up-to-date than any of my blog posts. Also, if you’re wondering why there aren’t more Chloe look-alike bags on this list, it’s because I’ve whipped up a whole separate post for Chloe look-alike bags! You can also check out my second installment of favorite designer-inspired accessories for more of my affordable finds. Happy shopping, y’all!


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