Black Friday Anticipation:
A Look Back on the Glory Days

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 I tell you what; I used to be d-e-d-i-c-a-t-e-d to Black Friday doorbuster deals. Once the whole “people getting run over in Walmart” thing started happening, I backed off a little bit, but I’m still an avid advocate of the glorious day of mad discounts. Especially when you’re looking to decorate or embellish a new home, some of the deals are simply too good to pass up. Here are some of my favorite companies who’ve already generated an impressive amount of buzz with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts:



Now for some holiday nostalgia… I remember when I moved into my first apartment with my bff S. We moved in around August 1st, and come November, we still had essentially zero furniture or decorations. I took it upon myself to hit up Old Time Party and Target hard, and my early morning shenanigans paid off. We scored artwork, tables, chairs, and yes— even a dining room table. I’ll never be as extreme as Ashley Brooke, though, who camps out the night before to cash in on those $45 60-inch TVs. If I sound like a hater, it’s cause I am. I wish I had that discipline; I just like drinking wine too much to forgo a lazy Thursday night by the fire.


Regardless, everyone can use some extra cash come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially as those magical deal alerts are starting to roll out. Why not get your Christmas shopping done early and buy a little something for yourself, too? After all, you did wake up at 3AM to fight a herd of unpleasant Americans to receive your ultimate prize. The Black Friday Sweepstakes starts today (November 12th), so get those entries in now.


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Oh, and in case you’re looking for a more organized resource for everything you need to know about Black Friday shopping deals, check out Black Friday articles on The Good Stuff, which is magazine.  As a fun little mind teaser for you, how much do you think shoppers spent in 2013 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Commit to your final answer and then click the image to reveal the truth (spoiler alert: it’s crayyy).

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Where will you be shopping this Black Friday? Any 3AM Walmart takers (If so, God bless you)?

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5 thoughts on “Black Friday Anticipation:
A Look Back on the Glory Days

  1. Melanie Walsh

    I love Black Friday shopping. I do miss the "Glory Days" when my best friend & I would stand out in the cold, anxiously awaiting the middle-of-the-night opening. That sounds crazy, but it felt like so much more of an event. I could go to Target at 6 PM any day.

  2. Making of a Mom

    I don't usually do Black Friday shopping because I'd have to go alone (someone ha to stay home and watch the kids) but I really look forward to Cyber Monday – a day meant for the person that has to stay home! 🙂

  3. The Rebel Chick

    Oh, I have to check out that sweepstakes, thanks for sharing! I only have one kid so I have never been a die hard Black Friday shopper. I usually buy a lot of stuff on Cyber Monday – but I'm mostly just taking advantage of sales for things I have been wanting! LOL!


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