Fabulous Finds Friday:
Campus Book Rentals

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Unfortunately, my Miami road trip had to be cancelled due to my infuriatingly inconvenient medical condition. Boo. So I suppose I’ll settle for Will Smith’s ’90s classic instead of the real deal.


Now I have ample time to bloggg about something pretty dang cool, though. For all you college-goers, relatives of college-goers, and aspiring college-goers, did you know you can rent your textbooks? As much as I enjoyed spending over a grand in the campus book store each semester, my parents would’ve been very pleased to know about this program, where you can actually rent your books, saving between 40-90% off textbooks you’ll most likely never open again.



1. Save on campus bookstore prices
2. Get free shipping both ways
3. Can highlight in your textbooks
4. Negotiate flexible renting periods
5. (and my favorite) Donate to Operation Smile with every book rental

For those of you who are not familiar with Operation Smile, it is one of my all-time favorite international//life-saving charities. As one of the world’s leading children’s medical organizations, their mission is to heal children’s smiles. Every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft. 1 in 10 of those children will die before their first birthday. The children who survive are often unable to eat, speak, socialize or smile. In some places, they are shunned and rejected, and in too many cases, their parents can’t afford to give them the surgeries they need to live a productive or remotely normal life. Since 1982, Operation Smile and their loyal volunteers have provided more than 3.5 million comprehensive patient evaluations and more than 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults born with facial deformities.



And if Operation Smile isn’t enough of an incentive to intrigue you, you can also join the Rent Back program, which is a new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students. Through RentBack you can earn 2-4 times more than what you’d make through any Buy Back programs, where you can sell textbooks back at the end of the semester. For more information on the benefits of this lucrative program, watch this CampusBookRentals YouTube video:



As a prospective graduate student for 2014, I’ll definitely be checking these sites out, especially since money is donated to Operation Smile with each textbook rented. Let me know if y’all have any questions; I’ve had tons of friends rave about these programs and figured they’d be PERFECT for Fabulous Finds Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, lovebugs! I’m looking forward to the long overdue warm Florida weather! 🙂


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Campus Book Rentals

  1. Cherelynn

    I love the rent-a-text idea.
    Oh it’s Sunday-lovely, lovely Sunday!
    Hope this finds you enjoying some downtime and making memories with loved ones in Florida!
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