Guide to Staying Fit, Fab, & Frugal:
Ways to Save on Time and Money for the Every Day Beauty Queen

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We all know that routine personal “maintenance” can be costly and time consuming. When I’m not feeling my best, I don’t perform my best… in any of the 87 facets of my job description. Unfortunately, the label of part-time model and beauty queen is accompanied by a certain expectation of physical perfection; hence, over the course of the past 12 months, I’ve wasted an embarrassing amount of money trying to stay on top of my health, whether it be in the form of lost work wages, health and skin care services, or prescriptions. In an effort to preserve both my well-being and cash flow, I’ve become an avid patron of the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Orlando. It’s pretty much become my one-stop shop for all things health, beauty, and frugality.


Maybe I’m alone in my fascination, but I can spend hours in any given Walgreens. Through my diligent research and hours of aisle stalking, I’ve familiarized myself with all the convenient added values of this regular drugstore. I’m so glad #CollectiveBias introduced me to their new clinical services, especially since, all seasons aside, I’m not quite 100% healthy just yet (boo, gastritis). Here are my top suggestions for saving bundles of time and money through Walgreens and the designated #HealthcareClinic in your area…while still maintaining full throttle beauty queen status:


Your health and well-being is #1. Always. I know that nobody enjoys getting a physical, but it’s the only way to maintain a relationship with your healthcare professional and receive personalized counseling based on your private family health history and lifestyle. Providers at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are available 7 days a week to answer questions about prevention and wellness, treat illnesses, and monitor and/or manage your ongoing medical concerns… all for under $70 per annual physical. I’ll be the first to concur that it’s money well spent.


Whenever you feel that sick itch coming on, it’s best to nip it in the bud…. and to eliminate any extended wait time in the process. Let’s be real; ain’t nobody got time for an hour in a waiting room, followed by an additional hour waiting in what my boss CT refers to as “the small white room.” People have jobs, people have to make that cash money, and people don’t have a never-ending supply of patience to waste on inefficient medical procedures. You can locate the nearest healthcare clinic in your area, alert the healthcare professionals of your concerns prior to your visit, and select a day and time that’s most convenient for you all online.

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I only use Walgreens’ Pharmacy for processing new prescriptions and prescription refills– I’ve tried others, and I’m continually let down in both service and price. Not only is the pharmacy staff amiable and helpful, but the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club  discount card saves around $80 per 90-day period for each medication. Members also receive 10% off all clinic services. Cha-ching.


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Natural supplements promote good health and glowing skin, so why not? Based upon personal recommendations from both healthcare professionals and estheticians, I take Biotin and Evening Primrose Oil every day. I also eat gummy vitamins like jelly beans. Over the course of time in which I’ve been taking these supplements, I’ve noticed my hair and nails are growing stronger, my face is less oily, and my skin has more of a golden glow (no, I’m not pregnant). Plus, vitamins in general are essential in building your body’s armor against illness and fatigue. Walgreens carries all major brands with an impressive selection of supplements I guarantee you’ve never heard of, and if per chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, they’ll call around to see who has it in stock.

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Women are susceptible to the most extreme cases of beauty blunders; it’s just a gender drawback. Due to my natural inclination to spill things on myself, get surprise visits from Aunt Flow, develop headaches in the middle of the day, etc., I’ve created a guide to assembling a multi-functional Beauty Queen Survival Kit for any and all of the possible fashion faux-pas that can occur in a girl’s life. There’s no better way to ensure you look your best and feel confident than toting around all your mini-essentials in one handy kit! Walgreens has all the best products, from pain medication to lotion to sewing materials, at affordable prices… all in one place!


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The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are available 7 days a week to examine your symptoms and explain things clearly.  Their goal is to efficiently determine and communicate why you’re not feeling well, in addition to the steps needed to get you home and healthy. Walk-in patients are always welcome, and you’ll receive a follow-up phone call within 48 hours of your visit, in case you have additional questions.



Make sure you’re staying on top of the seasonal viruses and actively working towards preventing them. Nothing breaks a beauty queen’s fitness routine faster than an unforeseen spout of influenza or, heaven forbid, something worse. These clinics offer vaccines for all of the most common contagious illnesses, and you can get yours at any time. Make sure you’re also getting periodic health screenings and testing for preserving your health and wellness for things like blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk assessment. Walgreens Healthcare Clilnics accept most insurance plans and networks, but in case you aren’t covered, they also offer affordable prices for those paying out-of-pocket. Staying in control of your health is the best investment you can make!


Does anyone else share a similar obsession with all things Walgreens? How do you save on time and healthcare costs?


Enjoy your 4-day week! Thank you, Presidents.

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40 thoughts on “Guide to Staying Fit, Fab, & Frugal:
Ways to Save on Time and Money for the Every Day Beauty Queen

  1. Corinne

    i've taken probiotics and multivites since the beginning of the year and have yet to– knock on wood — get a cold! (this time last year i was a germ-infested and sick every other week), so it really makes a big difference!
    & haha you're adorable with the thank you presidents– but for real, thank goodness for long weekends 😀
    xx Corinne

  2. The Mom Jen

    Great tips, I am always shocked how some people don't get annual physicals especially those GYN appts for women. I hear so many that haven't been in YEARS which can be scary this day and age!

    1. [email protected] Post author

      Aw, boo. If one ever opens up, give it a try! Their drive-through's are incredibly handy. I'm pretty sure I'm just ridiculously lazy, but anything that avoids getting up more than absolutely necessary is a major plus in my book.


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