Life Is Beautiful, Dress Accordingly:
Exploring Luray Caverns in TSM Originals

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Life is beautiful. Dress accordingly.

During my latest trip to greater DC, S and I decided to literally tune out the world and retreat to our own personal cave of fabulosity. After driving what seemed like 38 hours from Aldie to Luray, we finally arrived at Luray Caverns for an afternoon of underground exploration. We stuck with a practical (ie comfy and conducive to the presence of 19th century stalactites and stalagmites) wardrobe, so I donned my loose-fitting “Life Is Beautiful, Dress Accordingly” tank from TSM Originals.

The best thing about TSM Originals is that $5 from every shirt and tank sold is donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to benefit Parkinson’s research. Plus, this amazing “Be Fashionable, Be Charitable” mentality was developed by my dear friend Tonia, aka The Shoe Maven aka the TSM in TSM Originals, who was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and has undergone several surgeries in order to restore balance, health, and most importantly– reverse her inability to stand confidently in heels. She’s as awesome and inspirational as she sounds.




Oh, and before we arrived at the gorgeous Luray property, we started our adventure with a routine stop for sustenance at a charming coffee shop called Mug ‘n Muffin. If you’re ever in the Stone Ridge area, I highly recommend trying one {or two} of their 30+ flavored lattes.

Mug 'n Muffin Coffee

As for Luray Caverns, S and I were in awe of these immaculate underground formations and bodies of water. I was particularly amazed by the Dream Lake, which reflects a myriad of fantastic forms and creates a mirror image of the abundant stalactites hanging from the ceiling. So beautiful.

PS- Sorry not sorry for not wearing makeup.

Luray Caverns in Virginia

Luray Caverns


Oh, and towards the end of our cavern rounds, we discovered a borderline magical and crystal clear wishing well, in which many tourists felt it more whimsically effective to throw dollar bills in instead of coins. You do you, tourists.




Luray Caverns

Another unique adventure goes down in the S&S book of spontaneity!

Happy Sunday!


♥ Stephanie


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Exploring Luray Caverns in TSM Originals

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