Memorial Day Girls Only Getaway:
Sun + Southern Hospitality in Hilton Head, SC

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Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation


Sometimes in life you reach maturity milestones, whether positive or negative. It’s taken me a while, but halfway-to-50 has given me valuable insight to the utter importance of having girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always cherished my BFFs, but during my times of need, I always retreat to solitary confinement in what Ashley Brooke describes as my internal hermit cave. Well, I gained a new perspective when my love, A, invited me on her girls-only Memorial Day weekend extravaganza. Since we weren’t vacationing for golf, I’m not exactly sure why we ended up in Hilton Head, but in retrospect, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Of course, our first pit stop of the near 6-hour drive was Starbucks for sustenance, and I found my girl O’s quote to be particularly applicable to this venture in life. This tiny little touch from the Bucks truly put my solace-seeking mind in the right place while simultaneously prolonging my nap a few hours.


Hilton Head, South Carolina, VacationHilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation


The car ride alone was therapeutic in itself. Physically watching yourself leave your town/city/state is extremely liberating. As a frequent flyer, I tend to steer clear of long road trips, but I needed the prolonged traveling time to clear my head.


When we first arrived on the charming and teeny-tiny island, obviously Hilton Head Beach was Priority No. 1.


Swimsuit: Target | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs


Immediately on our agenda post beach were drinks and food, as usual. We hung out at Reilleys Grill and Bar both nights actually, and the atmosphere was fun, fabulous, and lively, more so than you’d imagine for a golf-centric community. Plus, the island was so small that all the neighboring bars are within 50 feet of each other, so it was a great central location for bar hopping.


Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation
Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation
I would also like to say that I have never experienced such genuine southern hospitality in my entire life. Hilton Head is literally filled with the sweetest bartenders, warmest locals, and friendliest vacationers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. At one point, A and I were virtually locked out of our complex (and we didn’t know it at the time– apparently Hilton Head takes security real seriously), and three separate strangers offered to call in and request a week-long visitor pass for us. Additionally, we were personally chauffeured to our hotel and comped a boatload of drinks. Plus, call me trite, but nickname our tab “Hot Chicks,” and I’m automatically a fan of your facility.

After a rousing evening of drinks, pool, booty dancing, and late night pizza binging, A and I were exhausted. Forget breakfast; all A was talking about was a single Bloody Mary, and as a Bloody Mary virgin, I decided to partake in her bar order. Although it’s not a cocktail I’d order just for kicks, it definitely perked my stomach up.


Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation, Bloody Mary
Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation, Bloody Marys


Two Bloody Marys, a mimosa, and a daiquiri later, I, in my sun basking state, incurred near third degree burns (I promise I put sunscreen on, mom). Oops. Hey, aloe. You’re pretty great.


Memorial Day, Hilton Head, South Carolina
Swimsuit: Figleaves


After a detox night and a whole bunch of Tylenol, we set out for yet another night on the Hilton Head town… but only after a few glasses of champagne, of course. Champagne is always the answer… even for sunburns. I think somebody famous said that.


Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation, Champagne
Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation


An undocumented night later, A and I ended up back in Orlando a day early at none other than our favorite hangout, The Hammered Lamb, for Memorial Day Sunday. As you can see below, my skin matches my shorts. Way to go, Stephanie.


Also, mad shoutout to Amanda for getting me on my much-needed salad kick. I’m not sure mixing salads with cocktails still remains in healthy territory, but it can’t be worse than downing an entire bag of mint M&Ms– which are delicious, by the way– in a 4-hour period.


Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation
Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation, Salad
Hilton Head, South Carolina, Vacation


I needed everything about this girls’ weekend, and I returned to the 407 with a genuinely refreshed outlook on my work, social life, and relationships. I’m so incredibly blessed to have the friends I have in my life, and moving forward, my girlfriends will always stay in my top priority slot. Girl power.  My only regret is that we didn’t make it to Charleston. Next girls trip… it’s all happenin’! Have you been to Hilton Head? Did you enjoy the southern hospitality as much as we did?


♥ Stephanie


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Sun + Southern Hospitality in Hilton Head, SC

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