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Orlando Style Magazine Model Search

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I just found out (exactly 17 days too late) that I was selected to be in the Orlando Style Magazine model search for the month of November. The winner of this month’s poll will be entered into the running to become the coveted Orlando Style Magazine’s Model of the Year in December. Please take a moment and vote for me if you can! I’m #1 of the 9 contestants (coincidence?), and it literally only takes two seconds to get your vote in. I’m pretty far behind because, well, I wasn’t aware I was in it. If I end up winning, I’ll be conducting a giveaway for all my awesome followers. Love you guys!


Vote for Stephanie in the Orlando Style Magazine Model Search!


You can vote here: Feel free to peruse my portfolio, as well. Although it’s primarily pageant photography, I’m still proud of what I’ve created!


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Orlando Style Magazine Model Search

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