The Soundtrack of My Life:
Put Them Spotify Jams on Repeat

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I think it goes without saying that music is one of the most powerful intangible influences in life. I literally don’t know how I could’ve gotten through those rough 12-15 months of physical recovery if it weren’t for my iPod… or Sudoku. As a fancy pants classically-trained vocalist, singing has become more than a talent for me; it’s become an outlet. I’ll never forget the first time I cried on stage while performing my talent at Miss Florida. I sang “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera, and at some point in the middle of the song, I literally lost myself in the melody and lyrics, and I broke down. Don’t worry– the audience felt it, too, so it was all good and totally not awko, although the potential for creating a distinct level of palpable discomfort was high.


As you can see, my vocals were irrelevant. The fist making, sass, and convulsions were clearly enough to win that panel. Don’t steal my strategy, bro.


Music, Spotify, Miss Florida 2011, Top 10


As my preparation for Miss Florida USA becomes more and more diligent, I need to remember moments like making a judge on the panel of the Miss Florida 2011 Pageant cry with my passion and transparency. I want to remember the taste of hearing my name called in the Top 10 on finals night… and how much it meant to me that my dad was in the audience to see it. As I reflect back on what still reigns as the most exciting night of my life, I need that spark, that passion, and that drive to stay fresh in mind. In an attempt to keep the fire beneath my easily-distracted feet, I created a completely embarrassing yet motivating playlist on Spotify for my crowning moment.


Music, Spotify, Miss Florida 2011, Top 10


I would like to point out that it takes a lot of practice to look this calm and collected. Inquire within for lessons. 


Music, Spotify, Miss Florida 2011, Top 10Music, Spotify, Miss Florida 2011, Top 10Music, Spotify, Miss Florida 2011, Top 10


No seriously, I look like an absolute idiot.. but that joy and surprise is 100% genuine. My goal is to experience THAT horrendously unattractive and unapologetic elation again this July. I realize this Spotify playlist probably makes me look like a twelve year old boy, but I don’t care. I won’t tell anyone if you share each and every song. Heck, make your own playlist and send it to me, so I can further enhance the already awesome motivational soundtrack to my life.



Not to get all deep and nostalgic, but if you could relive a moment of grave importance to your life and personal development through music, what would be on your playlist? No judgments, obviously.



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♥ Stephanie


21 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of My Life:
Put Them Spotify Jams on Repeat

  1. Liliana Ayala

    You have a wonderful playlist, I'm currently obsessed with that Dierks Bentley song.
    You look gorgeous in the pictures above, your dresses are beautiful!

    I would probably have a lot of song from my high school days! LOL!

  2. Sheila Simmons

    Number 14 gets my workouts going, nice music selection. Hey if you win are you going to represent the Miss Florida in the Miss America or the Miss USA pageant? I hope you win because I'm going to have a viewing party at my home.

  3. Jo Lane

    I love this post…and your playlist! Music is how I deal with so much in my life. Right now, my fav is Black Roses by Clare Bowen. It's on the Nashville (tv show) sound track. Love, love, love it!!! You should check it out!


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