Pageant Girl Problems:
How to Repair Dull Damaged Hair

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So apparently dying your hair back and forth from dark brunette to honey blonde can be harmful to its structural integrity. Who knew? It’s an unfortunate truth, but as a pageant queen, I tend to perform better as a blonde– on the contrary, in my every day non-glamorous life, I prefer to be brunette. It’s more natural and a heavy favorite among my friends and family. Since this is my last year of eligibility in the Miss USA system, I’m doing all I can to ensure my best foot is forward come the state pageant in July, which translates to: my hair will be significanly lightened, tortured with heat, and tangled with extensions over the next few weeks. I think it goes without saying that my damaged hair will be suffering. Majorly suffering. We’re talking poor, dry, brittle, and tangle-prone locks who are supposed to somehow shine with illustrious sparkle on stage.


As far as protectants go, Keratin is not an option for preserving my hair’s health, since it removes any potential for volume and bounce– which are two vital characteristics of effective pageant//bombshell hair. I’ve tried every other serum under the sun, and nothing seems to actually repair the damage besides reverting to air drying my hair, waiting a few months, and avoiding any and all forms of color treatment. Well, I’m happy to say I came across a fabulous and inexpensive method for restoring the natural shine and luster of healthy hair. It’s called the new Dove® Advanced Hair Series, and it’s available all over the place, including Walgreens.


The new Dove’s new Advanced Hair Care Series line offers an innovative and sensorial hair collection that provides weightless moisture plus volume and shine, so you can keep that oomph and bounce all day. As their slogan says, it literally “breathes life into lifeless hair.” This brand spankin’ new series’ products create non-oily, weightless moisture and nourishment for damaged hair, ranging from Oxyfusion to Dry Oil treatments aimed at correcting the burdens of fine-flat hair and dry-dull hair. I seem to suffer from all 4 conditions (fine, flat, dry, & dull– yippee), so I’m an avid fan, especially for the price.


Their products range from about $5-$10 at Walgreens, and although I’m such a fan of Moroccan and Argon Oil, I just can’t justify spending $10 more for half the product when a full-sized Dove bottle accomplishes the same objective for less. Watch this super neat and quick video below for more information about product details and comparisons.



Oh, and y’all are all invited to join in on the #WeightlessHair Twitter party on Wednesday, April 16 at 8 PM ET with @ResourcefulMom. RSVP here for a chance to win one of ten $50 Walgreens gift cards:


Has anyone else given Dove’s new Advanced Hair Care Series a try? What did you think? Have a great week, lovelies! I’m seriously sad I’m leaving DC this afternoon. Back to reality! Blah.


♥ Stephanie


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How to Repair Dull Damaged Hair

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