All That Glitters:
Shane Co Creatively Classic Holiday Fashion

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Anyone can simply wear a cocktail dress, but it’s the art of being a true leading lady that stuns time and time again during the holidays. The perfect and mandatory elements to any striking holiday outfit are as follows: a distinctive dress, shimmering jewelry, bold makeup, and the right shoes.

It all starts with the right dress.  As one of my fashion icons, Victoria Beckham, advised in her book “That Extra Half an Inch,” plan to only highlight ONE of your best assets. If you’re going for a low-cut dress, make sure it’s not too short. Likewise, if you want to show off your legs, make sure your cleavage is somewhat modest.

Be daring, though, and go for blacks/reds/metallics. Here are five of my latest obsessions for 2013. None of them are what I would consider conventional, but they’re eye-catchers… and they’re all under $50.

‘Tis the season for sapphires and pearls—my two favorite gemstones!  Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry can turn an ordinary outfit into an amazing and memorable fashion statement. My go-to store for all things jewelry is Shane Co. From their world-class designers, sterling silver and natural sapphires are fashion forward and available in any budget.

Shane Co. sells only naturally mined sapphires hand-selected for their beauty and depth of color. In blue, green, and black (yes, blackgorgeous), sapphires can literally light up an outfit.
“Classy girls wear pearls.” Duh. Eternal and timeless, pearls never go out of style, and Shane Co.’s cultured pearls are matched by hand for exceptional luster. I’m in love. I want them. I need them. I need them now.
Loving the red dress and red lipstick with these gorgeous strings of pearls… holiday perfection.

It’s officially time to bust out the shimmer eye shadow and red lipstick. Holiday fashion and makeup are all about being bright and cheery, so light shadows and bold lips are the perfect ways to
enhance your holiday look. You can still go for glamorous eyes with fake lashes and smokey shades, but I always add shimmer shadows/liner on and around my eyelids to brighten up my face. Urban Decay’s Naked I, II, and III palettes are quite literally perfect for the holidays (actually year-round in my opinion).


And honestly, I’m a fan of red lipstick year-round, whatever… it’s downright essential in December. MAC’s Ruby Woo is my all-time favorite matte shade, and their Cherry lip liner is equally as fabulous. If you’re looking for a great lacquer, try Rimmel London Show Off.


Holiday Make-Up Must Haves: Red Lips // Fake Lashes  // Shimmer Shadows

Oh, and if you want tips on how to apply red lipstick, I got you covered. 🙂



The creepy guy from the “OMG Shoes” skit can corroborate… shoes can make or break an outfit. This is simply just not the time for boring work-appropriate heels. The more glittery the shoe, the better. Get your pumps ready (also Dr. Scholl’s), spray on the Sally Hansen’s leg makeup, and prepare for people to think you’re 4 inches taller than you really are (side note: I’m 5’7”, and I’ve successfully convinced a handful of coworkers that I’m 5’9” due to surreptitious shoe strategies).



Leopard, gold glitter, red patent leather… the sky is the limit when it comes to (OMG) shoes.


What are your tips for standing out this holiday season? Also, who wants to buy me a black sapphire? Takers?


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Shane Co Creatively Classic Holiday Fashion

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