Shopping is Better with Friends: Styled by Silpada Brunch Party

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Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party

Everyone knows that shopping is more fun with friends and a bottle (or two) of champagne. I recently became a Silpada Stylemaker, so they mailed a fabulous, specially curated ShopBox of 15 pieces of jewelry straight to my door, and I couldn’t not share the wealth with all my favorite Stylemaker girlfriends. I wanted everyone to be able to check out the goods in my ShopBox firsthand, so the only logical solution was to throw an official Styled by Silpada brunch shopping party, which also doubled as a housewarming party since a grand total of three people had seen my new home since the move. The casual occasion called for a bright, primarily teal-themed tablescape, some light finger foods, and a sugary, rock-candy twist to boring old champagne. Not all my girlfriends drink, so I had sparkling water and juice out, as well.

Oh, and I also got a little Pinterest happy for this particular brunch shopping party and created a hashtag reminder for all my guests! During the party, regardless of if my girlfriends had any interest in trying on any jewelry, everyone used the same tags, so it was easy to go back and see/steal everyone else’s cute photos. I’m definitely going to start doing this for all my parties; it’s so convenient having all your photos under one label.

Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping PartyCute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party

As we chatted and snacked at our brunch shopping party, the girls couldn’t stop flipping through their Silpada Spring/Summer catalogs. Pressured by their tipsy demands, I got my ShopBox out ahead of schedule to showcase some of their beautifully handcrafted jewelry.

Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party

Of the 15 items in the ShopBox, I’d say I personally wanted approximately 15 of them. My must-have piece had to be this gorgeous gold Gilded Watch, though. As a devout watch-wearer, it’s so hard to find a staple piece that’s as stylish as it is functional. I literally could- and will- wear this stainless steel beauty every day.

Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party

Here is a handful of other stunning modern pieces that I’m equally obsessed with. In case you can’t tell, Silpada uses a lot of brass, and I love it. I forgot how much I preferred brass above other precious metals until I opened my ShopBox; it’s chic, neutral, and more convenient than having to deal with the delicacy of gold and silver. The featured pieces below are the Interlace Bracelet in Sterling Silver, which stacks perfectly with the Onyx Cuff; the Rosy Wrap Bracelet, which is made with Swarovski crystals and can easily double as a necklace; the Neutral Chain Stretch Bracelet, which is made of shiny pyrite; the Dazzler Necklace, which does what its name implies; and the black Triangle Edge Earrings with post studs.

Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party

Ohh, and then there’s this Dotted Pearl Cuff Ring. It’s made with brass, crystal, and glass pearl, and it’s absolutely stunning- these images just do not do it justice. Other swoon-worthy items in my ShopBox were the Crystal Chandelier Earrings, Convertible Mix Earrings, Bling Midi Ring, Dotted Pearl Necklace, Cascading Y-Necklace, Crystal Rocks Necklace, and Monroe Crossbody handbag.

Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party

How can you not love it? Being a Stylemaker is pretty easy, and it’s not at all like the traditional Silpada “party” of the past, where a rep recruits a hostess to host a party in an attempt to earn free jewelry. A Silpada Stylemaker hosts her own parties on her own terms with her immediate circle of family and friends- or, frankly, whoever she wants. Plus, all parties have one thing in common: there’s no formal presentation or pressure for anyone to buy. I’d be the first to pump the breaks if it were any other way.

The subject matter is simple and focused around the almighty ShopBox. Basically, Silpada will send a box of 15 new pieces directly to the Stylemaker’s door for her to style, wear, or sell from as she chooses for 14 days. Everything else is up to you, so there will be ample time for drinking, brunching, and gossip! Whatever you don’t want or don’t sell you just send back to Silpada completely free of charge. For everything you do sell, you’ll receive a direct commission of 25 to 30%. You can also earn a $50 referral bonus for inviting friends to be Stylemakers. Pretty sweet deal!

Cute Ideas for Hosting a Brunch Shopping Party

Does anyone else have experience in the brunch shopping party arena? What have your experiences been like?

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15 thoughts on “Shopping is Better with Friends: Styled by Silpada Brunch Party

  1. Tiffani

    Okay that cuff ring is to die for! I’ve been trying to find one I actually like, and I love that one! I think it’s great that it’s not a high pressure environment, I really struggle being invited to certain parties like this because of the INTENSE salesperson!

  2. Oksana |

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but I did see quite a few pieces I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection! Also, on a totally unrelated note, I think the brand’s Instagram profile in the last photo may be misspelled… Just a heads up!


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