Pinch-Proof St. Patrick’s Day Style Guide

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St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday, which is weird cause I always thought it had to be a Tuesday.  My life is a lie. Anyway, every year a handful of boys enjoy pinching me relentlessly in the name of the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, because I don’t have any/forget to wear green. For whatever reason, there’s just not a whole heck of a lot of it in my closet, which is unfortunate because I actually love the color; I just always opt for whites, pinks, and blues.


Here are some of the Irish-approved gems I’ve found for becoming a gorgeous green goddess this St. Patrick’s Day. I despise buying clothing that’s only deemed appropriate once or twice a season. Mind you… only ONE part of your ensemble needs to be green. I’m going for a full frontal leprechaun endorsement, donning the one-shoulder green ruffle dress below, in addition to green accessories, green nails, and my adorable top hat featured in my last post. I was also sent customized confetti made by The Confetti Bar to throw at unruly bystanders of my choosing. Just try and pinch me, I dare you.


Green Goddess Dresses



Sample Celtic Separates


Emerald Little Extras


Lucky Lacquers


Will y’all be wearing your green? Maybe other girls aren’t as prone to pinching as I am. Apparently the high-pitched squeal I produce makes me an easy and fun target for festive predators. And who else is opting for Bigelow Green Tea over Green Beer this year (like moi)? I’m tryinggg to be healthy!


Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!


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13 thoughts on “Pinch-Proof St. Patrick’s Day Style Guide

  1. Christine Rosko

    I LOVE that one shoulder ruffle dress. I wish I could wear green more often but I have to be really careful with the shade. It just doesn't go with my skin tone at all. Mints and dark greens are normally best for me personally but I love emerald and wish I could wear it


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