Pack Like a Pro: Jetsetter-Approved Packing Tips

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ten summer vacation packing tips for maximizing space and minimizing frustration

After somewhere around my 18th business trip, I decided to only fly with carry-ons. Not only is baggage claim obnoxious, but you’re at the airline’s mercy as to whether or not they feel like transporting your stuff efficiently. I won’t name names, Delta, but burn me three times, and I’m over your airline’s checked bag procedure. Hence, I’ve become quite skilled, if I do say so myself, at the art of jam-packing 5+ days of outfits, accessories, and products into approved carry-on luggage.

These packing tips don’t just apply to air travel either. Any efficient wanderer, whether it be by plane, car, train, or foot, can follow these easy and jetsetter-approved packing tips.