One Big Aquatic Party: 12 of the Most Instagram-Worthy Pool Floats (for Adults)

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12 of our favorite adult pool floats for guaranteed outdoor fun all summer long

Some say adult pool floats are immature. I say doggy paddling to stay afloat is immature. With Florida’s summer heat and humidity on full blast, I’m spending as much time in the water as I possibly can, and consequently, I need to stock up on as many carb and bird shaped adult pool floats as I can get my hands on. As a resident party planner and southern hostess, shirking your Floridian aquatic trend research is simply unacceptable. To summarize our key values for those of you who’ve never visited Disney World, we live for the water. Hence, I recently went on an epic online search to find an arsenal of all the most fun adult pool float for my upcoming annual summer soirée.

It’s important to specify “adult,” since I can’t think of a guy friend who wouldn’t pop a child’s inner tube with one jump. Because adults deserve to have fun, too, head to the bottom of this post for links and prices. With the exception of a few premium floats, most are surprisingly affordable! I mean, you can score an adorable inflatable donut, a southerner’s staple pool accessory, for under $25!

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Shop Cute Adult Pool Floats | 1-6: 1. Flamingo Pool Float, $75 | 2. Watermelon Slice Pool Float, $60 | 3. White Swan Pool Float, $70 | 4. Toucan Pool Float, $60 | 5. Large Pineapple Pool Float, $25 | 6. Ice Cream Cone Pool Float, $44.99 



Shop Cute Adult Pool Floats | 7-12: 7. Flamingo Inner Tube Pool Float, $25 | 8. Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float, $33 | 9. Really Big ‘Moby Dick’ Whale Pool Float, $105 | 10. Strawberry Frosted Donut with Sprinkles Pool Float, $22 | 11. Swan Inner Tube Pool Float, $20 | 12. Inflatable Duck Pool Toy, $62



For those of you unsure of what to get me for my birthday, any of the above referenced adult pool floats will suffice. Put air in my inflatable flamingo, a pina colada in my hand, and you’ll see a permanent smile on my face. Oh, and remember that June 27th is National Pineapple Day! If you’re looking for an excuse to get an inflatable pineapple, you’re welcome. Happy floating!


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