25+ Housewarming Gifts for Pineapple Lovers

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26 adorable pineapple gift ideas! These work great as housewarming presents for first-time homeowners!

One of my favorite trips from our New England expedition last summer was to The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island. This Vanderbilt mansion is the grandest and arguably the most famous of all Newport’s summer “cottages”– and for good reason, too. It’s stunning. Plus, there are pineapples everywhere. I’ve always loved pineapples, but I’ll admit it’s because I’m from Florida, and I’ve always considered them to be the most fun (and delicious) tropical drink garnish. Turns out, they’re so much more. Pineapples are an international symbol of hospitality (Southern Living explains why here). They’re also a token of warmth and welcome that’s been an integral part of Southern culture for centuries. So… if you’re brainstorming cute housewarming gift ideas– or if you’re trying to find “just because” gift ideas for pineapple lovers, you’ve come to the right place.

Funnily enough, I got this post idea when Kyle and I moved to Missouri. We received an overwhelmingly thoughtful amount of cute housewarming gifts from our friends and families, and 100% of the aforementioned gifts were pineapple-themed. Luckily, nothing warms up a big and/or stale new place more than a pineapple trinket from someone you love. So, whether or not you want to congratulate a friend on a new home or you want to give your pineapple-loving BFF a trendy gift in honor of National Pineapple Day (which was yesterday), any one of these fun gifts is guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. 

26 cute housewarming gift ideas for pineapple lovers everywhere

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Cute Housewarming Gift Ideas (And Gifts for Pineapple Lovers) | 1-6

1. Pineapple Neon Light, $60 | 2. Pineapple String Lights, $26 | 3. Pineapple Cup and Crazy Straw, $14 | 4. Pina Colada iPhone Case, $35 | 5. Pineapple Bottle Opener, $15 | 6. Silicone Pineapple Ice Cube Trays, $19 | 

Cute Housewarming Gift Ideas (And Gifts for Pineapple Lovers) | 7-12

7. Set of 3 Pineapple Trays, $22 (on clearance) | 8. 2017-2018 Academic Daily Gold Pineapple Planner, $58 | 9. Gold Pineapple Handle Ice Bucket, $18 | 10. Treasure Me Pineapple Pendant Necklace, $32 | 11. Pineapple Doormat, $35 | 12. Alex and Ani Adjustable Pineapple Bangle, $32 |

Cute Housewarming Gift Ideas (And Gifts for Pineapple Lovers) | 13-18

13. Novelty Pineapple Wax Lamp, $20 | 14. Multi-Colored Pineapple Glass Markers, $11 | 15. Large Pineapple Pool Float, $25 | 16. ThirstyStone Pineapple Serving Board, $45 | 17. Coastal Ikat Pineapple Accent Pillow, $40 | 18. Pineapple Cheese Knives (Set of 3), $30 |

Cute Housewarming Gift Ideas (And Gifts for Pineapple Lovers) | 19-26

19. Gold Pineapple Table Lamp, $35 (also comes in off-white Sour Cream color) | 20. Pineapple Ukulele, $30 | 21.Porcelain Pineapple Trinket Tray, $8 | 22. West Emory Gold Pineapple Candle, $15 | 23. ThirstyStone Set of Four Pineapple Coasters, $35 | 24. White and Gold Pineapple Bookends, $20 | 25. Set of Four Pineapple Stemless Wine Glasses, $40 | 26. Inflatable Pineapple Drink Holder, $20

Here’s to good, old-fashioned southern hospitality! Happy housewarming!


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  1. Mary Songer

    I’ve always liked pineapples but I never knew that they’re the international symbol of hospitality. What a great idea for a housewarming gift! I’ve got an event coming up that I was debating what to give. Now I know what the theme will be. Thanks.

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