The Best Designer Dupes on Amazon: Part Two

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Y’all loved last year’s round-up of 20 of the Best Designer Dupes on Amazon so much that I wanted to create a separate list for 2019! I’m pretty confident you’ll find something (if not multiple things) you love on this list, but if there are an designer bag dupes you’re still searching for, let me know in the comments. I spend wayyy too much time on Amazon, and I’m happy to help! [Updated 8/12/19]

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Best Designer Dupes on Amazon | 1-6

1. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Gucci, $830

This classic Gucci bag dupe is a dead ringer for the Dionysus Shoulder Bag. It comes in 5 fun colors, too! You can also find a similar style available in 3 different colored leopard prints here

2. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Louis Vuitton, $970

This Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet dupe is available in black, hot pink, and red, and the outside looks just like authentic Monogram Vernis Leather!

3. STEAL: Walmart | SPLURGE: Louis Vuitton, $1,320

This Louis Vuitton Neverfull dupe was my most recent purchase (I ordered the white with pink interior– looks identical to Damier Azur Canvas), and I absolutely love it. It’s a dead ringer for the real deal, and the shipping was super fast, which is a major plus considering some designer dupes take weeks to ship. It had to be one of the best designer dupes on Amazon… that is, until the seller got shut down (don’t worry– this Neverfull dupe is available at Walmart now)!

4. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Valentino, $995

Until recently, Kaitlyn Pan was the queen of Valentino Rockstud shoe dupes. As much as I love her shop, the shoes can still be a little pricey– averaging around $110 per pair. This pair is roughly half that, and they’ve got awesome reviews! Plus, you can snag them in over a dozen different colors. 

5. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Celine, $900 (used!)

These Celine Alphabet necklace dupes are adorable, and they’re just $15! If you’re not a fan of pendant necklaces, you can also order earrings, letter brooches, and choker necklaces in gold, gun metal, and silver here!

6. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: $650

I love everything about this popular Cable Wire Bracelet dupe! I’ve personally ordered 2, and I’ve got 3 more in my shopping cart. I love that it’s adjustable and looks so pretty stacked with other gold and silver bracelets and watches. Also, if you want to see some other styles, you can check out more jewelry from the same seller here


Best Designer Dupes on Amazon | 7-12

7. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Gucci, $3,200

This Gucci Broadway dupe is a dead ringer for the real deal– and it’s available in 4 classic colors! Keep in mind that it is small, though. It can fit an iPhone Plus but nothing much bigger!

8. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Gucci, $495

Regardless of how you feel about Gucci, this scarf is the definition of classic! Plus, it’s made of 100% mulberry silk chiffon, so it’s super lightweight and can be worn year-round. This one comes in over 2 dozen colors, too!

9. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Ferragamo, $375

This crazy popular designer belt dupe is under $20 and has a 4.5-star rating with over 500 reviews. Comes in 7 colors, too!

10. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Chloe, $1,850

I may be biased (I love Chloe bags), but this Chloe Faye Backpack dupe is absolutely darling and available in 8 colors! For more of my favorite Chloe bag dupes, click here.

11. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Gucci, $3,400

This popular Gucci Dionysus Queen Bee Shoulder Bag dupe has over a 4-star rating and comes in 4 colors! 

12. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Gucci, $695

These uber classic Princeton Loafer Mule dupes are made of genuine leather and come in a handful of different colors!


Best Designer Dupes on Amazon | 13-16

13. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Louis Vuitton, $805

This Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet dupe is under $20 and has over a 4.5-star rating with 1,000+ reviews! I’m partial to the cream (it matches my bag!) , but it’s also available in black and brown. 

14. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Louis Vuitton, $478 (used!)

This Louis Vuitton belt is notoriously difficult to find– I’ve only seen it available used on eBay and Poshmark. Fortunately, you can grab this LV belt dupe, which has over a 4.5-star rating with hundreds of reviews, in a few different colors and sizes for under $30. 

15. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: Hermès, $15,000+

This Hermès Birkin bag dupe has over a 4.5-star rating with more than 80 reviews, and you can snag one in almost a dozen different colors. Also, if you’re looking for the crocodile leather look, you make like this Birkin dupe bag, too. 

16. STEAL: Amazon | SPLURGE: $1,700

This popular link chain bracelet is another one of the absolute best designer dupes on Amazon. The chain itself is adjustable, so it fits just about any wrist and looks great stacked with other cable wire pieces (especially this one)! 

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