5 Reasons Why Cuddl Duds Are My Go-To Layers

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Never heard of Cuddl Duds? Do yourself a favor and check them out! As winter rolls around, it’s more essential than ever to find affordable clothing that keeps you warm, comfortable, and stylish simultaneously. Cuddl Duds do just that. They’re seriously some of the coziest and most versatile layering pieces I’ve ever owned, and I’m sharing 5 reasons why they’re my all-time favorite layering pieces in today’s post!

1. They don’t sacrifice style for warmth. 

I’m a native Floridian, so I literally live in layers in the fall and winter. I also work from home, and as much as I’d love to wear cozy pajamas all day to keep the power bill in check, I do need to jump on the occasional FaceTime call. That’s why the idea of marrying style and warmth is so attractive to me. Cuddl Duds are as warm, soft, and cozy as they are stylish. Three of my favorite fall/winter style picks are these fleece-lined leggings, long sleeve black turtleneck, and cozy fleece cardigan. They’re practically made for layering yet they’re versatile enough to wear on their own for video chats, errands, puppy playtime in the park, and just about every occasion in between. 

2. Comfort is king. 

Yes, I’m a style blogger, and trends are important to me. However, I recently joined the 30 Club, and comfort is now officially king. I’m on a constant search for soft layering pieces that can be worn underneath jeans/coats or on top of camisoles/long sleeve tees to keep me ultra-cozy in any weather– preferably without compromising my style. Cuddl Duds do just that. They’re some of the softest items I own, and they’re classy to boot. 

3. Missouri gets really cold.

My puppies love snow, and we’ve already had two blizzards in Columbia this year. That being said, warm layering pieces, like Cuddl Duds fleece-lined leggings and cardigans, are essential. It’s so nice (and super convenient) to be able to quickly layer up for impromptu outdoor play sessions. 

4. They’re great transitional pieces.

When I lived in Florida, I felt like I was in fashion limbo between October and February. Some days were hot, and some days were freezing. Cuddl Duds are just right for those transitional fall days before the air gets too chilly and crisp. They can be layered up to keep warm or layered down to stay cool.

5. They’re shockingly affordable.

Last, but certainly not least, Cuddl Duds fit in just about every woman’s budget. With styles ranging from $15 to $50, I don’t have to feel guilty piling them into my Macy’s shopping cart. Plus, now through November 20th, you can get 25% off Cuddl Duds warmwear for her both in stores and online at Macy’s. No code required!

Have you tried Cuddl Duds yet? If not, be sure to place your order before 11/20! Their popular styles hardly ever go on sale at Macy’s, so it’s pretty sweet that everything is 25% off for the next week. Also, for reference, I’m wearing this black long-sleeve turtleneck, these fleece-lined black leggings, and this black hooded fleece wrap in today’s post. If you’re not sure where to start, I can’t recommend these items enough. You can also check out a few of my favorite pieces from 2016 here. Stay warm out there, y’all!


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