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DIY Photo Collage Wall Art

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Not to brag or anything, but my office at SWA is pretty awesome. The only criticism it ever receives is that it’s apparently devoid of the acceptable amount of recent family and friend photos. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love my family and friends; I just don’t have time to transfer 083583 pictures from my phone to my computer and then upload all 083583 files to some unreliable photo website—  one which most likely requires me to physically pick up the prints shortly thereafter. Plus, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve given in and spent hours transferring, selecting, and ordering printed pictures, only to find that they’re blurry, poorly developed, and discolored. No bueno.


Since the current batch of photography displayed in my office is from around two years ago, my bosses implored me to update my stash to reflect all my current accomplishments and memories (and yes, they actually said that). I decided to eliminate the need of transferring files to my computer by testing out timeshel, a photo printing subscription service unfortunately only available for iOs in the Apple Store. You download their app for free, upload 10 or 30 prints depending on your preference of their two tiers of service from your phone, and receive your prints a few days later in the mail. The best part? The app tells you if any of your selections are considered “low quality,” so you know you’ll be receiving high resolution prints ahead of time, which is comforting.


If you’re skeptical of photo printing and/or subscription services, you’re clearly not alone– cause I was. You can start small with their $5.95 per month fee for 10 prints in a nifty envelope or opt for 30 prints a month received in the official shel for $14.95 per month. I was blown away with the cuteness and clarity of all my favorite Instagram and iPhone pictures, and I spent about an hour playing with the timeshel box itself.
I had every intention of just taping a few to the side of my bookshelf for my own personal viewing pleasure, but once I saw my precious memories all cute and printed, I couldn’t resist creating a simple DIY photo collage for my office. Since my office’s decor is themed with coral, gold, and white, I purchased an inexpensive white poster frame for $10 and spray painted it metallic champagne gold, although the color preference is obviously your own. Even though it’s a basic rule of thumb, make sure you spray in a well-ventilated area. I was feeling loopy after about the third coat.


I’m also a monogram freak, so I also purchased a wooden “S,” which I also spray painted champagne gold, to embellish my new pictorial wall art.


While the final coats are drying, start organizing the prints on your poster or cork board. Avoid modge podge or any type of glue, since the object is to switch out your pictures as the new timeshel deliveries make their way to your collection. I used a tiny piece of tape to secure my photos, although push pins would’ve also done the trick. Also, if you are adding an initial, make sure you leave space for it when you’re planning your layout.


Once everything is completely dry, gorilla glue your initial or accents onto the frame and fit your poster or cork board into the frame.


Again, keeping with the coral/gold/white theme of my office, I couldn’t resist adding this adorable fabric tassel garland to balance out the gold S. It just adds some additional pizzazz to an otherwise classic white and gold frame.


And you’re done! The sky’s the limit with what you can do to display your precious printed memories.


timeshel, crafting


Easy enough, right? timeshel is pretty much my new bae. Happy printing!


♥ Stephanie


3 thoughts on “Thnks fr th Mmrs:
DIY Photo Collage Wall Art

  1. Meghan @ Southern Belle Secrets

    Oh, a Stephanie it's so cute!at least your office is decorated, mine isn't so it looks like a four walled prison. There's not a stitch of personal anything in it. But this, I'm in love with, a,so this printing service! I framed some photos for a friend as a gift and ran I to the same problem- blurry or low res prints. I'm definitely going to have to give this app a try!

    Southern Belle Secrets


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