Prepare Yourself for Beauty Blunders:
Create Your Own Female Survival Kit

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Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS
For whatever reason, females are susceptible to way more beauty blunders than men. I like to think it’s because we just take all that much more pride in our appearance, but I can’t say for sure. All I know is that we have to be proactive in protecting our aura of effortless maintenance and beauty, which I’ll be the first to admit is a complete facade. Due to my natural inclination to spill things on myself, get surprise visits from Aunt Flow, develop headaches in the middle of the day, etc., I’ve created a guide to assembling a multi-functional Beauty Queen Survival Kit for any and all of the possible fashion faux-pas that can occur in a girl’s every day life.

You can find pre-arranged teeny tiny Minimergency Kits at boutiques and department stores; however, even though they’re indisputably adorable, they’re extremely overpriced. The homemade female survivor kit is a more convenient and less pricey alternative. Oh, and I promise I’m not pulling a Mary Poppins on you. Although my list of contents may seem is long, all these essentials fit into a compact vinyl bag and have proven themselves to be worthy female Survival Kit sustenance.


Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS


Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS


Don’t you just love when your period pulls sneaks and decides to make its appearance a week early? I know I do. U by Kotex provides confident period protection with these slim-sized and playfully discrete tampons. Also, for those of you who have seen She’s the Man, these sleek tampons double as nose bleed absorbents. Heyyy, Channing Tatum.


I’ll admit that I’m probably a little more OCD about oral hygiene than the average person, but nothing is worse (for your gums or for your overall appearance) than having something stuck in your teeth all day. Plus, did you know that floss has a handful of non-conventional uses? If you don’t have access to a sewing kit, floss can be used as temporary thread, in addition to makeshift shoelaces, clotheslines, and wire.




Whether you’re diabetic, hypoglycemic, have little ones, or harbor a bottomless stomach like I do, it’s always smart to carry around a snack. I usually alternate between a square of Ghiradelli dark or milk chocolate, which are ideal during the non-scorching half of the year, or a granola bar. Both are small, durable, and provide an effective quick rush of sugar.


Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS



This may be the former preschool teacher in me, but I never leave the house without my Barbie Band-Aids. Sure, people tease me, yet low and behold, I’m always the one my friends turn to when they get cuts and scratches.




How awful are rough-edged nails? Pretty dang awful. If your job requires even the most minimal amount of dexterity, this is a no-brainer for any lady’s Survival Kit.




Sorry I’m not sorry if this is TMI, but I’m just not a big fan of pads. Actually, I hate them. Not only are they conspicuous and cumbersome… I just can’t do it. Liners, on the other hand, provide curvy and comfortable protection shaped to fit your body, while disguising themselves with cute U by Kotex packaging and taking up minimal purse space. They’re also perfect for those “maybe it will, maybe it won’t” toss-up scenarios. Grab a sample free sample pack and see for yourself!


Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS




When I’m dehydrated or I haven’t eaten in a few hours, I’m super prone to headaches (ie. extreme grumpiness), so I carry around this handy pill organizer–with idiot proof AM/PM dividers– to hold pain relief medication, vitamins, and any other prescriptions I may be taking.




As a student or professional, USB drives are absolutely essential for transporting and sharing stored data between computers. Call me a nerd, but I literally feel naked without mine. It holds my resume, headshot(s), marketing materials, etc. My backup drive has literally saved my tush more times than I’d care to admit, so I highly recommend keeping one with you at all times.




If competing in pageants has taught me anything, it’s to always be prepared for the worst kind of wardrobe malfunctions. Dresses tear, fabric splits down the middle, stains magically appear in the middle of your gown… I’ve seen/heard/experienced it all. Sewing kits, including needles, colored thread, scissors, buttons, and all your mini mending basics, will help mitigate the level of trauma when one of the aforementioned fashion fiascos inevitably happens to you.


Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS




Whether it be to draft lists, sign checks, doodle, or just look busy/important, having a pen on-hand is always prudent.




With the weather constantly changing, my skin is screaming for moisture. Find a travel-sized bottle of lotion, like these fragrant and perfectly sized Tocca Crema Mani Hand creams, and include it in your kit. Your freshly washed hands will thank you, especially in the unpredictable weather!


Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS


Certain essential accessories have a general tendency to get tangled all up in your purse’s business, so I’ve combined all tangle-prone items in one handy pouch. If you’re just having an overall bad hair day (they happen to the best of us), throw up your hair in what I call the “Secretary Bun,” ie. super tight ballerina bun for greasy hair. Bobbi pins aid in controlling stray cray strands, plus they’re makeshift lock pickers, zippers, nail holders, and cherry/olive pitters. Who knew?


Headphones are ideal for those stressful situations where you desperately need therapy through music. Sometimes, I’ll put them in at work when I feel like I’m about to lose it, and it’s turned into the passive sign for, “Nobody talk to me.” Ear plugs are equally as vital, especially when you’re in need of a good nap or night’s rest. As a guest in someone’s house with any amount of social propriety, you don’t really have the ability to say, “Hey, can you not wash dishes in your own kitchen? It’s inhibiting my sleep.” Pop your ear plugs in, and you’re good to go. They’re also ideal for focusing; student libraries turn into party halls, interviews turn into chatty social gatherings, etc… you can eliminate the external distractions and find your inner chi through the silence and tranquility provided by these inexpensive and reusable accessories.


Beauty Queen, Survival Kit, U by Kotex, #UBYKOTEXSTARS 1. Ear Plugs // 2. Headphones // 3. Hair Tie // 4. Bobbi Pins



Again, I’m admitting my OCD fixation with oral hygiene, but carrying around a portable toothbrush is always advisable. Whether you crash at a friend’s place, eat something particularly odorous at work, or just need to control some nasty halitosis, toothbrushes are a vital component of any beauty queen’s routine throughout the day. You can find some petite, patterned, and portable electronic toothbrushes at Brookestone for under $25.


I have been known to go into full blown panic attacks when I don’t have my eos lip balm. Side Note: Peppermint Chapstick is equally as amazing. I can’t stand dry lips, and let’s face it… they’re not pretty either. Lip balm is a life saver when it comes to providing moisture, subtle color, and SPF to your dry lips.


And there you have it. With these 14 (+4) Beauty Queen Survival Kit essentials, I’m ready to conquer the stage, the camera, and the night. What other items would you add to your Emergency Kit? A girl can never be too prepared!



I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Crowdtap on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.

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49 thoughts on “Prepare Yourself for Beauty Blunders:
Create Your Own Female Survival Kit

  1. Liliana Ayala

    Such a great idea! I need to make myself one of these…I hate having everything rolling around in my purse…worse when it spills everywhere!
    Although, I don't think the chocolate would last me long…I am a choco-holic! LOL!
    Great post, thanks for sharing with us!

    1. [email protected] Post author

      I used to have a portable charger, but it broke 🙁 so I can't officially recommend putting one in a kit lol my plug-in charger is an essential, though! I never leave the house without mine, especially now that my battery is so unpredictable. Hope you're having a great weekend! 🙂


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