Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle:
The Helzberg Diamonds Infinity x Infinity Collection

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Especially not on Valentine’s Day, or shall I say “Singles Awareness Day.” I made it super big to really drive the point home. Valentine’s Day is an outdated Hallmark marketing ploy, and I want no part of it. I am, however, in full support of celebrating all your best girlfriends on the far superior alternative known as Galentine’s Day. Give me an option to have an all girls slumber party, complete with presents, calories, and scary movies, over pretending to enjoy myself on an implication-filled date, and I’ll take it every dang day of the year.

Now, two of my favorite things in the entire world, aside from Girls Night, are 1) Diamonds and 2) ABC’s hit series “Revenge.” I have dreams about kicking people’s butts in an Emily Thorne-esque fashion, and ever since my dad took me to the Herkimer Diamond Mine in New York in 1998, I’ve been obsessed with these sparkly gemstones. But honestly, what girl isn’t?  Hence, why not sparkle with all your gorgeous girlfriends this year, whilst channeling your inner vengeance in a positive, non-violent manner?


The Helzberg Diamonds new Infinity x Infinity jewelry collection is a unique and thoughtful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you’re looking to share infinite love with your designated second half
(frouples unite!) or looking for a deserved “me” gift to help you shine a little brighter on Cupid’s stupid birthday. This fabulous collection, inspired by Emily Thorne and her father’s mantra, “I love you infinity times infinity,” provides the perfect way to celebrate infinite love and lasting friendship. Here are a few of my favorite pieces, and I’ll have one of each, please:

1. Infinity x Infinity 3-Bangle Bracelet Set with Diamond Accents in Sterling Silver & 10K Gold // 2. Infinity x Infinity Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver // 3. Infinity x Infinity Amethyst Ring in Sterling Silver // 4. Infinity x Infinity 1/2 CT. TW. Diamond Pendant in 10K Gold// 5. Infinity x Infinity Dangle Earrings with Diamond Accents in Sterling Silver // 6. Infinity x Infinity 1/5 CT. TW. Diamond Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver & 10K Gold


Helzberg Diamonds was kind enough to send me an Infinity x Infinity Diamond Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver (#2 on the list above), and I’m in love. Created by award-winning and grossly talented jewelry designer Udi Behr, the entire collection is designed around the symbolic double infinity insignia. Their pendants are classy enough to wear with a cocktail dress yet understated enough to wear with an Oxford– basically, I don’t take mine off. With a robust assortment ranging in price from $49.99 to $1,299, it’s a cost-conscious gesture on any budget. Check out to see the entire collectiion.


What piece is your favorite? And how are you celebrating Galentine’s Day?
Tell me your plans!

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26 thoughts on “Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle:
The Helzberg Diamonds Infinity x Infinity Collection

  1. Alex

    I love that bangle! Yes, I will be celebrating Galentines Day with a romantic dinner with all of my girlfriends hahaha. I've never been a fan of V-Day even when I was in a relationship… it's just a day that forces me to make reservations because all the restaurants are so crowded, ugh!


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