Futbal Funtivities:
World Cup 2014 Fanaticism

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I love sports. More specifically, I love male athletes. I also love America. What are these ingredients a recipe for? An obsession with the World Cup and the US Soccer Team. Ever since I dated a  soccer player in high school, I’ve loved following the world’s most popular sport, especially since its required level of athleticism far exceeds almost all others. The action is non-stop, the nationalism is palpable, and our US Team is literally (and unexpectedly) kickin’ butt and takin’ names. Yes, we just incurred our first loss, but nobody expected us to beat Ghana, let alone tie Portugal, or even come close to rally with the Germans… and we made it out of our bracket of death, and we’re proud of our boys! ‘Merica!



I’m always curious to see which companies follow along with our US Team, as well, especially during the World Cup and/or The Olympics. This summer, Degree Men and Walgreens are both partaking in our futbal funtivities, and as the official deodorant of US soccer, Degree wants to reward fans who Do: More. The Do: More message is one of my favorite pro-activity campaigns, especially since Americans are typically notorious for being lazy non-soccer fans, and it encourages our country to move more, cheer more, and just all around do more this summer. From 6/29 to 7/5, shop at Walgreens and get 1,000 Balance Rewards points when you buy 2 Degree Men Deodorant products.


The new and improved Degree MOTIONSENSE, the only antiperspirant that releases extra production when you actually move, has been developed to meet different demands for both men and women, as it responds to your body to keep you feeling confident and cool for up to 48 hours. Plus, it smells pretty dang nice, and when you’re hot and sweaty, that’s a valuable attribute. Give it a gander when you stop by Walgreens!



Although I was on a horrible intramural co-ed soccer team dubbed Team Mortal Kombat for a season, I’m by no means even a decent soccer player, but I am a beauty queen prepping for swimsuit in a few weeks. I will 100% concur that protection means confidence which translates to better results. Side Note: Evidence of my brief career as a soccer stud circa 2008 below.



How excited are you for more World Cup action? Again, I’m so proud of our team; nobody, and I mean not even the coach according to an interview I watched, expected us to make it out of our initial bracket. U-S-A!



♥ Stephanie


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World Cup 2014 Fanaticism

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