The Vixen + The Lionesse:
Hair Love for the Lionesse Beauty Bar Complete Set

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Lionesse Beauty Bar, Hair, Complete Set


Due to their excessive use during the course of my pageant career, my styling tools are fried. I’m still a fan of my previous hair care BFFs, but my hair just needed a breath of fresh air. Because I am in constant mama mode when it comes its strength and health, I refuse to use any products which have the potential of further weakening its structural integrity. I’m genuinely so glad I was introduced to Lionesse Beauty Bar! They’re a luxury boutique with locations in California, Vegas, Canada, and Singapore offering mega high-end beauty products and professional makeovers, and their attitude is all about the sexy vixen that takes control of her life with style. Every man wants her, and women want to be her. She is fierce, strong, stunning, and comfortable in her own skin. She glides down the street with unwavering confidence as if it’s her very own runway…she owns it. Ummm hello, I need to be a part of this!I was sent their Complete Set, which comes with a mini hair straightener, 1.5″ ceramic straightener, 20/32 mm barrel curling wand, and it was just the rejuvenation my dull hair needed. It comes in either pink or blank, and I went against my usual blush grain and opted for classic black.

Lionesse Beauty Bar, Hair, Complete Set
Lionesse Beauty Bar, Complete Set, HairMy most commonly used styling tool will always be the straightener, primarily because my hair rarely holds a curl, so I have to put forth even extra effort to make them vivacious– especially in the months plagued by Florida humidity (aka half the year). The Lionesse Hair Straightener, later referred to as the mini straightener’s mother, is ah-mazing. Its ceramic plates reduce heat exposure, which is key, and facilitate fast and consistent straightening with every use. No joke– in the war against non-ideal warm weather environments, humidity reigns supreme; after using Lionesse Beauty Bar‘s tool, my hair was glossy, shiny, and frizz-free.
Lionesse Beauty Bar Complete Set, Lionesse Beauty Bar, Straightener, Hair, Beauty
Also, because my job(s) require a lot of face-to-face time with clients, video and photographic marketing, and visual schmoozing, for lack of better terminology , I have to make sure I look primped and pristine all day. I’ve been dying for a mini straightener that I can keep at my desk for quick touch-ups, but as I said before, I can’t risk exacerbating my existing hair damage with a cheap product– and who wants to spend $100+ on a ceramic emergency gadget (that’s like two new Kate Spade mugs + a candle)? Well, this one comes in the set, and it’s as fabulous as its mother!
The Mini Hair Straightener may actually be my favorite. It’s super petite and lightweight, so I could actually carry it around in your bag without it being weird, it also has 100% ceramic plates, which can be used on any type or texture of hair. Plus, it heats up to full heat capacity in about 30 seconds.
Lionesse Beauty Bar, Complete Set, Hair


And last but certainly not least, there’s the Curls Grande curling wand. I can’t really explain it, but it’s just different– in a much better way— than any other curling wand I’ve ever used. The patented instant tourmaline heat technology allows you to curl your hair almost immediately after turning it on, and the wand creates the most gorgeous curls, waves, and incredible body in half the time it takes to style hair using other wands I’ve tried. Even with my heavy blonde extensions in, I was able to curl my hair before a modeling audition in under 20 minutes. Not to mention, the curls, waves, and body actually stay put all day, which is unheard of with my hair in August.


Lionesse Beauty Bar Complete Set, Curling Wand, Hair, Beauty, Lionesse


I’m a happy girl, and I adore my new Lionesse Beauty Bar styling tools. The entire set of 3 ceramic tools, which is available in both black and pink, is $500 on the Lionesse website, along with the rest of their high-end products in a handful of pretty colors. Also, follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and/or Facebook for updates, sales, and discounts!


Where did this weekend go?!

Thank you, Lionesse Beauty Bar, for sponsoring this post. 


♥ Stephanie


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Hair Love for the Lionesse Beauty Bar Complete Set

  1. Julie Cohn

    My hair is damaged too, so I will definitely look into these products. Going to California in a few weeks, so I will have to see if there is a location in the LA area!


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