Be Tan, Sexy, + Smart:
An End-of-Summer VersaSpa Giveaway!

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VersaSpa, Sunless Tanning, Giveaway

Long story short, I had a pre-cancerous mole removed during the summer before 9th grade. Due to its suspicious properties, the dermatologist had to go back in and perform a more intricate removal procedure, which produced a really nice and conspicuous moon-shaped scar on my upper back. Now, I’ve been a Florida tennis player since I was 3, so I’m not naive enough to think that decade of sun exposure didn’t contribute to the likelihood of skin cancer, but I also admittedly frequented the tanning bed– without my mom’s permission (hehe, oops)– all throughout middle school.

Since receiving this horrifyingly ugly reminder of my dermal stupidity, I strongly advise against using tanning beds. Sure, they’re convenient, but you’ll pay for the ease of UV ray glory at some point in the future, whether it be in the form of skin cancer, wrinkles, or sun spots. Now that I’ve given my unofficial PSA about the dangers of tanning beds, I’ll admit I’m not a fan of very many self tanning products. They smell, they stain your hands, and I can never apply the product evenly enough to look natural. Snaps to you if you can, but I usually just stick to the professionals.

I don’t know what I would’ve done throughout my pageant and modeling career had it not been for VersaSpa. It sprays a gorgeous, even, and streak-free tan with every session, and it’s my favorite skin-conscious method for taking my Polish pale albino-ness to TSG territory. Plus, the VersaSpa formula conditions and moisturizes your skin, too, while typically lasting around 7 days before gradually starting to fade– without creating giraffe spots. I actually just got one at South Beach Tanning before my latest swimsuit shoot with the oh-so-talented BW of Lakeside Photography– a few unedited shots below!

Stephanie Ziajka, Lakeside Photography, VersaSpa, Sunless Tanning, Giveaway

So here’s end of summer gift for you and your skin from Sunless, Inc.! Enter below to win one free VersaSpa or VersaSpa Pro session (a $30 value)! Giveaway starts now and ends next Saturday at midnight! US entries only, sorry!

VersaSpa, Sunless Tanning, Giveaway


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Good luck, pretties, and happy bronzing!

♥ Stephanie


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An End-of-Summer VersaSpa Giveaway!

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