Working for a Greater Purpose:
Mentoring the Make-A-Wish Wolf of Wall Street

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 Most days at work are standard; never entirely mundane, but still relatively predictable. Well that just wasn’t the case last Thursday. I was told prior to my Miss Florida USA departure that we were going to have a Make-A-Wish teen visit our office, but I had no idea how much he and his spirit would impact our office.


Meet Arman, a budding entrepreneur and unassuming teen genius. He was diagnosed with bone cancer just about two years ago, although he’s currently in remission and flourishing to the max! While most Make-A-Wish teen wishes probably range from driving a Ferrari to meeting Katy Perry, his wish was to be mentored for life in finance. David Peckham, one of the talented advisors at Synergy Wealth Alliance and a Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida board member, eagerly volunteered our firm, and we couldn’t have been happier to oblige.



He and his mother were picked up in a stretch limo, as all VIP entrepreneurs are, and chauffeured to our office to start his first day as a Preceptor to Financial Planning. He said that his boss commute was one of the coolest feelings he’d ever experienced.



Little did Arman know, we had all sorts of entrepreneurial essentials ready for him. Not only was he gifted $500 to invest in a personal investment account, but Dave and the Make-A-Wish crew got him a variety of non-fiction finance books, business cards, his first suit, a laptop, a computer bag, briefcase, and a handful of other goodies.




Did I mention this guy was adorable? He was so polite, professional, and grateful. Meeting him was an absolute pleasure.



The morning started off solid with a tutorial on stock trading and market analysis by Craig Townsend and David Peckham.



Somewhere down the line, I became the designated social media expert in the office, so I was asked to chat with Arman about creating and managing an efficient LinkedIn page.



The rest of his day consisted of an on-air interview at Fox 35 news, a business lunch at Antonio’s, training in financial planning and alternative investing, and a whole lot of networking. No joke, though– watch out, wolves of Wallstreet. Arman is coming for you.



The Orlando Sentinel even covered his unique story, since Arman really is one of a kind. I mean seriously, if you could wish for anything in the world, who else– at 16— would wish for something as practical and pragmatic as he did? I’m honored to have been a part of his special day, as well as our lifetime relationship moving forward, and I’m forever an advocate of Make-A-Wish and their heartwarming mission.


Check out one of his news interviews here:


As always, I implore you to get involved in your communities, as well. Even the smallest gesture, whether it be “paying it forward” at Starbucks or holding the door for a stranger, can improve the quality of life in your hometowns. If you have some extra time, Make-A-Wish is a great organization to look into, as are the Children’s Miracle Network, Give Kids the World, etc. If you’re an animal person, look into your local SPCA or Humane Society. If you share my passion for early literacy, organize a book drive for First Book or Books for Africa. The opportunities to give back are endless. Now that I’ve given my philanthropy spiel for the 8th time, I wish you all an absolutely fabulous weekend!


♥ Stephanie


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Mentoring the Make-A-Wish Wolf of Wall Street

  1. Ashliegh

    What a heartwarming story!! I love that Arman chose to do something to better his future with his wish. I love that your firm stepped up to help grant his wish!


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