Futbol Fun + City Pride:
Singing the National Anthem for Orlando City Soccer

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Even though I have mixed feelings about the Miss USA Organization as a whole, I’m so blessed to have been awarded the title of Miss Tampa Bay USA. Maybe it’s due to my lack of a local director– or just a bump in maturity– but I’ve accomplished more this year opportunity-wise than I ever thought possible. I think I went into this commitment knowing my pageant career was coming to a close, and apparently that lit some sort of a motivational fire beneath my feet. After singing the National Anthem for the Orlando Solar Bears in December, an opportunity I personally organized through a routine talent submission, I was contacted by Orlando City Soccer and given the opportunity to perform the National Anthem at the Orlando City vs Charlotte Eagles game at the ESPN Wide World of Sports on Saturday. Shortly after, I heard from the Tampa Bay Rays and accepted their invitation to throw the first pitch. Turns out, a little effort really does go a long way!
I’m a huge soccer fan, although Miss Florida prep dramatically overshadowed my excitement about the World Cup, so this was a fabulous way to re-explore my love for futbol. Orlando City, which was just ranked the #1 sports team in Orlando by Orlando Weekly for the second year in a row (sick burn to the Magic), is known for being the best in the league, for having crazy devoted fans, and for progressing towards official MLS status in 2015. Ergo, I took this performance very seriously and attempted to paint my nails with City colors.
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Turns out this very purple looking polish, which is dubbed the eponymous hue of OPI Russian Navy, was, in fact, actually navy blue. That’ll teach me to read the polish name after the painting has begun. Either way, I still love the color; I’ll just pretend this theme wasn’t motivated by Lion pride. I paired OPI’s Russian Navy with China Glaze Cleopatra as an accent nail, and it looked pretty fabulous. Oh, and I had to visit my lovely Jeanette, too, at Paris Studio to get my jet black roots touched up. She also styled my hair perfectly using a CHI curling iron and my Halo hair extensions (post to come).
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Once I was finally looking acceptable, I rode with Michele to Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports to do my sound check. Oh my Lord, if you weren’t aware, Florida summers are flippin’ hot, so I literally started melting away mid run-through, which was unfortunate due to an insane 5-second sound delay in their sound system. I wish I could’ve practiced a few more times, but with the help of ear plugs and an awareness of the delay, two practice runs was all my body could stand.

As you can see, I was ready to get the heck off the field and retreat to air conditioning. Observe the photographic progression of my heat exhaustion vs my desire to get cute pictures. The struggle is real.1. Ok, I’ll smile.

National Anthem, Orlando City Soccer, Miss Tampa Bay USA
2. No seriously, I’m super sweaty. Can we go inside?
3. I’m going inside.
National Anthem, Orlando City Soccer, Miss Tampa Bay USA
4. But wait, I need a sweaty picture with Michele first.
National Anthem, Orlando City Soccer, Miss Tampa Bay USA


Post sound check, we got to do what we do best– play around in the Green Room. Time flies when you’re holding fake press conferences.


National Anthem, Orlando City Soccer, Miss Tampa Bay USA


Before I knew it, it was show time. Lord willing, the heat had subsided to a somewhat tolerable level by 7:30, so I was a happy and temperate clam. Although I hate the lighting, I love this picture– and I love my oh-so-supportive Michele!


National Anthem, Orlando City Soccer, Miss Tampa Bay USA


Right before walking out onto the field, I was placed in prime creeper position to scope out the Orlando City team with one of their hilarious City staff members. There are some cuties; let me tell ya.

National Anthem, Orlando City Soccer, Miss Tampa Bay USA


As for my performance itself, I’ve had better. Due to my positioning in the field, I was way too close to the speaker, and my ear plugs kept popping out, so the delay messed with me a little bit, especially at the beginning. All things considered, I stayed on key- I think, and I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity of a lifetime. Plus, the unofficial student section of the stadium almost made me laugh out loud with their “KNIGHTS!” proclamation halfway through the Anthem. Thanks, guys– and Go UCF!


Oh, and to top off the evening, Orlando City owned the Charlotte Eagles 4-1, as expected. Way to go, boys! You make Orlando proud! Any other Orlando City Soccer fans out there? If you haven’t heard of us– and you care at all about soccer, we’re making our MLS debut next year… so you WILL! 🙂


Also, additional life update: this marks Day 2 of my stomach bug. Hopefully, I’m functional and capable of working by tomorrow; I don’t know how much more laying around my body can take.



♥ Stephanie


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Singing the National Anthem for Orlando City Soccer

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