My 5th 21st Birthday Soiree

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I have some amazing friends. My BFF, S, threw me a royalty-themed surprise birthday party a few weeks ago (yes, I’m just now getting around to posting about it). All my lovebugs, including my blogger besties Ashley and Michelle, were present, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to jump into my half-way to 50. Thankfully, I was appropriately dressed in a fabulous one-shoulder Jessica Simpson number (I tend to wear lots of sweat pants on the weekends), and despite an unexpected//early arrival and my hair’s aversion to the Florida humidity, the soiree was a complete ball. 
Bustin’ out the extensions, baby!
.one hot, voluminous mess. 
Leave it to me to arrive early the ONE time I was expected to be late
My BFFs (S, R, me, Mash, Ash & Lady Leach)
The fabulous and oh-so-sneaky party planner
Yep, that’s purple beer pong in the background. 

My blogger besties!

Purple cupcakes (I may have had one or two– or six)

Evidence of the gluttony.

Grabbing dinner on Central 
Love my friends!
Blurry picture of my future husband and me
Where is my ring, Baxter

Annnd this gem sums up the night. 

I now feel fully armed to make the most of this year. With a rejuvenated sense of ambition, mixed with a little sassiness, I’m determined to take over the city. Hope Orlando likes Lilly Pulitzer, smiling, and musicals. 

Have a great week!

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