My Debut as a 5K Champion: IOA Corporate 5K Race

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I did it, y’all. I officially ran my first 5K! On Thursday I conquered the IOA Corporate 5K in downtown Orlando, and I conquered it hard. My time isn’t important (32:18… bam!); the overwhelming sense of accomplishment is the real prize. Next stop? Disney Princess half marathon.


 I’ll admit that I performed minor reconnaissance prior to the race.


 With my running partner by the lake, seriously considering replacing the 5k with a swan boat ride.


In the sea of 10,000 people getting!


For everybody’s sake, I didn’t take an “after” picture. Florida heat doesn’t really subside when the sun goes down, so as you can imagine, I looked good. Also, running on asphalt is significantly different than running on a treadmill. Ergo, my shins are still mad at me for not conditioning properly. The point of this post, though, is to convince you non-runners that you can indeed become a 5 or 10K participant. It takes discipline, practice, Lululemon gear, and time.. but it’s totally doable. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Hal Higdon’s Couch to 5K program, so use it as a guide or find another plan that works for you and stick to it!

Now, on a related yet not really note, I was given many strange suggestions while I was sick, one of which was to try alkaline water to balance my body’s pH composition and restore my defunct level of energy. Advocates of alkaline water claim that it can help to neutralize acid in your bloodstream, increase oxygen levels in your body, and improve energy and metabolism. Call me gullible, but I thought this may help in keeping my 5k training on track. Ergo, I decided to experiment with Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water.

Clinical research hasn’t confirmed any of the claimed benefits, so I figured I’d give it a go myself. I found some at TJ Maxx (what?) and waited to see if I noticed any difference, which I did not. Apparently, this stuff can actually be pretty dangerous; raising the alkaline level of your stomach can buffer the acid and dramatically decrease your ability to digest food properly, cause ulcers, and increase the liklihood of experiencing digestive disorders (per Livestrong). No, thanks. I’ll stick to SmartWater.

Back to the grind… and moving on to Hal Higdon’s 10K program, yikes. Oh, and this chick is going to Hollywood in 10 days for an epic girls weekend getaway. Can’t. Wait. Have a fabulous week, lovelies!


20 thoughts on “My Debut as a 5K Champion: IOA Corporate 5K Race

  1. Anna

    That was a fun weekend! Good job in completing 5k and good luck on your next run. Haven't tried alkaline waters so I really appreciate the heads up. I'll stick to SmartWater too. 🙂

  2. Ashley Brooke

    Remember when we used to walk the mile in PE in about 20 minutes. Those were the good old days. And yeah…don't buy half of the health food things like that. Most cause more harm than good or dont' do anything at all for more $$

  3. Jazza Belle

    Yay congratulations on your run I am currently trying to get into shape to start my 5/10k running career … it's proving to be a little more difficult than I first anticipated. The Disney Princess run sounds so cool! I wish we had things like that over here in the UK!!! Maybe i'll have to head over to the U.S for it next year!


  4. Tina Byland

    Congrats on your 5k! That is really awesome! I love running races. They are so much fun! My sister lives in Orlando and she's talked about running the princess half before. I haven't signed up for a race in over a year. I need to get back into it!!! Thanks for visiting Like Ordinary Life!

  5. Sheila Simmons

    Félicitations, Stephanie. I remember my first 5 and 10k races, they bring back fond memories. If you want a speed program for the treadmill to increase you race time, let me know. Sheila@The Frugal Exerciser


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