Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas for Everyone in Your Family

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Southern lifestyle blogger Stephanie Ziajka rounds up 50 non food Easter basket ideas for men, women, and tweens on Diary of a Debutante

Easter’s only a few days away, which means it’s time to start assembling those Easter baskets! My mom’s always adopted a “no food” rule for herself, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve done the same thing. I mean, I appreciate chocolate bunnies and jelly beans as much as the next girl, but I’ll also eat them all in one sitting. Unfortunately, thoughtful non-food Easter basket ideas can be hard to come by, especially for people who are already notoriously difficult to shop for. I have lots of experience in that department (looking at you, Kyle), so if you’re also searching for some fun and creative non-food Easter basket filler ideas, keep reading! I’m rounding up over 50 affordable, completely candy-free Easter gifts for everyone in your family– including men, women, children, tweens, and dogs.

FYI- A lot of these non-food Easter basket filler ideas overlap (I mean, who doesn’t love cozy socks or a good coffee mug?), so I tried my best to not be too repetitive. I’m also not including alcohol, although beer and DIY mini glitter champagne bottles are super cute and great for filling space!

Non-Food Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Women

  1. Fresh flowers, herbs, or succulents
  2. Bud vases
  3. Stationery 
  4. Pretty cloth face masks 
  5. Pocket-sized hand sanitizer (nothing beats Bath and Body Works PocketBacs!)
  6. Books or magazines
  7. Perfume
  8. Candles or wax melts (I love giving colored taper candles)
  9. Rechargeable candle lighter
  10. Matches (these pretty matches come in a decorative glass jar)
  11. Candle adhesive wax (this one is my favorite– it keeps taper candles from leaning)
  12. Essential oils or diffusers
  13. Citronella outdoor incense sticks
  14. Car air fresheners
  15. Coffee mugs
  16. Collapsible reusable straws or paper straws
  17. Coaster set
  18. Spools of pretty ribbon
  19. Cozy blanket
  20. Designer-inspired fashion accessories (see all my favorites here and here
  21. Catchall tray
  22. Decorative knobs (you can find some really fun ones at Anthropologie)
  23. Spring robe
  24. Cozy socks or slippers (like these popular cross band slippers
  25. PJ set (this silky set is my favorite, and it comes in a handful of prints)
  26. Sleep mask
  27. Nighttime calming aids (like lavender supplements or pillow spray)
  28. Throw pillow covers
  29. Phone accessories (like a new phone case, Popsocket, or screen protector)
  30. Gardening tools or grow kits
  31. Plant fertilizer spikes (perfect for crazy plant ladies!)
  32. Desk planters
  33. Flower or herb seeds (like these)
  34. Herb garden stakes (I own this set)
  35. Herb scissors (this pair makes perfect garnishes!)
  36. Flower arranging tools (this set has pretty much everything!)
  37. Cute Easter serve ware (like this bunny cake stand or this squirrel snack dish)
  38. Wine charms and pens
  39. Bar cart tools (like a cocktail shaker, jigger, stirrer, muddler, or wine stopper)
  40. Cute cocktail picks
  41. Colorful knife set (this one is under $35 and so pretty!)
  42. Insulated water bottles
  43. Silicone wedding rings (like this pack of 4)
  44. New smartwatch bands (this one is ultra-lightweight and gorgeous)
  45. Silicone Airpod charging case
  46. Leather cord organizers (like these pink ones)
  47. Tea accouterments (like a teapot, infuser basket, steeper, or these honey dipper sticks)
  48. Small cheese board and knives
  49. Spice jars and/or labels (these labels are awesome!)
  50. Set of spring napkins or napkin rings
  51. Picture frames
  52. Jewelry
  53. Earrings support patches (these are the best)
  54. Lip balms (eOs spheres are perfect– and they look like eggs, which is a plus, too!)
  55. Makeup
  56. Skincare (like these collagen sheet masks or this jade roller)
  57. Vitamins or supplements (like these collagen peptides)
  58. Nail polish or manicure set
  59. Teeth whitening strips or pens
  60. Wine wipes (these clean your teeth and are perfect for red wine lovers!) 
  61. Eyebrow razers (these really are as good as everyone says!)
  62. Hair accessories (like these invisible hair ties, this pearl headband, or these trendy barrettes)
  63. Scalp massager (like this one)
  64. Foot callus remover (like this one)
  65. High heel insoles
  66. Bath products (like body scrubs, bath salts, or bath bombs)
  67. Cleaning essentials (like Mrs. Meyer’s new rose-scented bundle)
  68. Lint rollers or pet hair removers (this one‘s great for removing hair from linens/furniture)
  69. Laundry dryer balls
  70. New kitchen towels or utensils (like this pink set)
  71. Kitchen accessories (like these pink and gold measuring cups, chip clips, or timers)
  72. Glass oil dispensers (this one has a matte gold spout and works great for oils and syrups)
  73. Apron
  74. Cute recipe box
  75. Baking accessories (like decorative icing tips, cupcake tins, or these little pink ramekins)
  76. Cookie cutters (this set is perfect for Easter!)
  77. Puzzles
  78. Craft supplies (like vinyl, smart cutting tools, glitter, or washi tape)
  79. Scrapbook paper or scrapbooking accessories
  80. Desk accessories (like these pretty push-pins, binder clips, or colored paperclips)

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Non-Food Easter Basket Ideas for Men

  1. Golf balls and tees (or tennis balls/racquet accessories, a football, a baseball/ glove, etc)
  2. Grooming cape for shaving (like this one)
  3. Beard balm or oil
  4. Razor or new razor blades
  5. Shaving cream
  6. Toilet spray (like this one)
  7. Dress socks
  8. Collar stays
  9. Boxers
  10. Clothing (like graphic tees, dress shirts, bathing suits, gym clothes, or comfy loungewear)
  11. Bath slippers
  12. Men’s accessories (like hats, belts, sunglasses, or watches)
  13. Ties or pocket squares
  14. Cuff links or tie bars
  15. Shoe inserts
  16. Shoe polish or shoe cleaning supplies
  17. Sneaker balls or deodorizer spray (like this all-natural shoe freshener)
  18. Deodorant
  19. Cologne or body spray
  20. Men’s bath products (like body wash or facial cleanser)
  21. Hair pomades or styling products
  22. New toiletry bag
  23. Electric toothbrush
  24. Wine wipes (these clean your teeth and are perfect for red wine lovers!) 
  25. Tide-to-Go pens
  26. Anything whiskey-related (like whiskey stones, sphere ice molds, or crystal whiskey glasses)
  27. Miniature cocktail kits
  28. Vitamins or supplements
  29. Flashlight
  30. Umbrella
  31. Wallet or money clip
  32. Digital luggage scale (perfect for travelers!)
  33. Flavored toothpicks (this brand is super popular)
  34. Batteries
  35. Pocket notebooks
  36. Back scratcher (like this one)
  37. Handheld neck and back massager (this one has stellar reviews)
  38. New set of household tools
  39. Pocket knife
  40. Car care supplies (like wash mitts, interior detailing wipes, and a bucket, which you can use as the basket itself)
  41. Resistance bands (like these)
  42. Silicone wedding bands (like this pack of 4)
  43. Microfiber sweat towels (like this pack of 3)
  44. New headphones or Airpod case
  45. Phone, key, and wallet finder (it’s hard to beat Tile!)
  46. Extra charging cables
  47. Wall outlet expander plugs
  48. Bonsai starter kit (this one‘s great for amateur gardeners!)
  49. Movies or video games
  50. Movie tickets
  51. Gaming accessories (like controllers and headsets)
  52. How-to books (this one‘s a classic)
  53. Cookbooks
  54. Chess set
  55. Sudoku or puzzle books
  56. Grilling tools (like metal spatulas, tongs, or bamboo/metal skewers)
  57. Spice rubs
  58. Tire gauge
  59. Fishing accessories
  60. Yeti tumblers or cooler (which you could use as the basket itself)
  61. Camping gear (like a waterproof blanket, thermos, lantern, or headlamp)
  62. Bocce or croquet set
  63. Poker set
  64. Fatwood kindling
  65. LEGO kits (because they’re not just for kids!)

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Candy-Free Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Tweens

  1. YA books and magazines
  2. Gift cards
  3. Portable reading light (this one comes in 6 colors!)
  4. Mindfulness coloring books
  5. Coffee mugs (this one is donut-shaped)
  6. Mini waffle makers (this one is heart-shaped and under $20)
  7. Popsocket or new phone cover
  8. Portable Bluetooth speaker
  9. Selfie stick or ring lights (like this self ring light)
  10. Portable phone charger
  11. Drop-proof silicone Airpod case (like this one)
  12. Headphone splitter
  13. Extra charging cables (like this pink one)
  14. Cable critters (like these)
  15. LED photo clip lights (like these)
  16. Instax mini camera (this set includes film and some fun camera accessories, too)
  17. Photo albums
  18. Label maker
  19. Bluetooth karaoke microphone
  20. Graphic tees (like this one)
  21. Cute cotton bralettes (like this fun multipack)
  22. Fun socks
  23. Colored shoelaces
  24. Mini backpack (this one is adorable and comes in 6 colors)
  25. Glow-in-the-dark blanket (like this one)
  26. Colorful bath bombs (like these)
  27. Scalp massager (this one comes in three bright colors!)
  28. Anything unicorn-related (like this hooded bathrobe)
  29. Hair accessories (like these hair ties, these velvet scrunchies, or these barrettes)
  30. Hair chalks (this set includes 10 temporary hair chalks)
  31. Lip balms or glosses
  32. Manicure kits
  33. Nail pens (like this set)
  34. Makeup brushes, sponges, and/or sponge holders (like these)
  35. Makeup brush cleaning mat or shampoo
  36. Lighted vanity mirror
  37. Animalz sheet masks (this set comes with 9)
  38. Silicone face scrubbies (this 2-pack is only $5)
  39. Curling iron or straightener
  40. Fun hand sanitizer keychains
  41. Felt letter board (like this one) or mini cinema light up box (like this one)
  42. Fashion jewelry or jewelry making supplies (like this DIY charm bracelet kit)
  43. Journals (blank or guided like this gratitude journal)
  44. Planner pens (this set includes 18 colors)
  45. Smoko lights (like this toast light or this avocado light)
  46. Art supplies (like acrylic paint, paint markers, and sketchbooks)
  47. Pencil sets (this one is too cute)
  48. Board or card games (like Kids Against Maturity, Codenames, or Unstable Unicorns)
  49. Chess or domino set
  50. Confetti poppers
  51. Body spray or perfume
  52. Loofa
  53. Wall art prints (like these)
  54. Mad Libs (these are Easter-themed)
  55. Popsicle molds
  56. Pool floats or toys
  57. Swimsuits
  58. Beach towels
  59. Junior cookbooks (this one has stellar ratings)
  60. Beginner piano books or ABC keyboard stickers 
  61. DIY terrarium kit (this one lights up!)
  62. Fidget toys (like anything from this toy set)
  63. Anything mermaid-related (like this mermaid tail blanket or these makeup brushes)
  64. LED dry erase door hangers (like this one)
  65. Vinyl stickers (like these)

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Candy-Free Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Kids

  1. Stuffed animals (every basket needs a stuffed bunny!)
  2. “Hatchable” egg toys (like Hatchimals for girls or Dragamonz for boys)
  3. Coloring books (Do-A-Dot markers and activity books are awesome)
  4. Washable paint or markers (this paint set and these markers are the best!)
  5. Water Wow! Pads (check out a few different activity books here)
  6. Invisible ink pens
  7. Rainbow modeling clay
  8. Stamp sets
  9. Decorative paper-edged scissors (like these)
  10. Nail art stickers
  11. Bubbles
  12. Piggybank
  13. Easter picture books (this one‘s a classic)
  14. Joke books
  15. Portable night lights (this one‘s shaped like an owl and has a handle!)
  16. Playdough or no-mess play foams
  17. Glow sticks
  18. Slime-making supplies (this kit has it all)
  19. Stickers
  20. Smencils (they’re scented pencils, and kids love them!)
  21. Sidewalk chalk (and a stand-up Walkie Chalkie to draw with)
  22. Travel or card games
  23. Mini puzzles
  24. Magic 8 ball
  25. Yo-yos
  26. Jump ropes
  27. Colorful slinkies
  28. Crazy straws (these are great for learning how to spell)
  29. Bouncy balls
  30. Sunglasses
  31. Mini Etch-a-Sketches
  32. Play silks
  33. Roleplay costume sets (like this doctor costume or this fire chief costume)
  34. Bath toys (these bath crayons are super fun!)
  35. Alphabet magnets
  36. Kinetic sands
  37. Water beads (these are great for sensory play!)
  38. Kaleidoscope
  39. Science lab activity set (like this crystal growing kit or this butterfly garden kit)
  40. Finger puppets (this Paw Patrol set is too darn cute!)
  41. Kite or kite making kit (like this one)
  42. Balloon animal kit (these are metallic and super highly rated)
  43. Small musical instruments (like a harmonica or xylophone)
  44. Rain gear (like cute umbrellas or rain boots)
  45. Binoculars
  46. Bike accessories (like a new horn or snap-on bike wheel decorations)
  47. Walkie Talkies
  48. New toothbrush
  49. Fun-shaped soaps or bath bombs (like these)
  50. Bubble bath
  51. Fun Band-aids (like these Hatchimals bandages)
  52. Miniature toys (like Hot Wheels/miniature trains for boys, dollhouse accessories for girls)

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Non-Food Easter Basket Ideas for Dogs

Our girls are like family, so I wanted to include some fun dog Easter basket ideas in this post, as well! For the record, I have no idea why you’d want exclusively non-food Easter basket fillers for dogs, but I figured I’d give it a go anyway!

Easter basket filler ideas for dogs rounded up by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

  1. Bunny ears for dogs
  2. Pastel bandanas, bow ties, or collar bows
  3. Easter dog shirts
  4. Floral pullover sweater (this one is precious!)
  5. Chuckit! ball launcher or fetch medley
  6. Dog-friendly tennis balls
  7. Outdoor sprinkler mat (if your dog loves water, this one has great reviews!)
  8. Durable bunny toys (this one’s great for aggressive chewers)
  9. ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz
  10. ZippyPaws Easter Egg Burrow or Bunny Burrow (our girls LOVE these interactive toy sets!)
  11. Interactive dog puzzles (this puzzle is available in varying levels of difficulty)
  12. Carrot rope toys
  13. Peeps squeaky dog toys
  14. Frisbee
  15. Collapsible toy storage bin (these make great makeshift dog Easter baskets!)
  16. Easter-colored collars or leashes
  17. New ID tags
  18. Grooming kits
  19. Licking mat (these are great for dogs with anxiety)
  20. Pastel terry cloth dog towels
  21. Dog shampoo and conditioner
  22. FURminator de-shedding brush
  23. Salmon oil (we put this oil our girls’ food to help with skin and coat support)
  24. Canine multi-vitamins
  25. Dog paw wax
  26. MudBuster portable dog paw cleaner
  27. Doggy water bottle (we love this one)
  28. Monogrammed bowl mats
  29. New food and water bowls
  30. Dog DNA test

Dog Easter basket ideas rounded up by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a DebutanteBlogger Stephanie Ziajka shares ideas for what to put in a dog Easter basket on Diary of a Debutante

Other edible ideas for what to put in a dog Easter basket include bully sticks, no-hide dog chews, Easter dog treats (Wufers makes the cutest cookies!), Greenies, and Redbarn filled bones. 

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If I missed anyone in your family (including pets!), feel free to let me know in the comments. I’m happy to brainstorm some additional ideas!

Easter basket filler ideas without candy by southern lifestyle blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

Did I leave any good non-food Easter basket filler ideas off this list? Let me know, and I’d be happy to add your suggestions! Thanks so much for reading, y’all– and have a blessed Easter!


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