Down by the Savannah River:
Party in a Pink Chiffon Flamingo Top

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River Street in Savannah, GA is one of my all-time favorite waterside strips in the world. It’s always a’hustlin’ and a’bustlin’, and I can’t help but soak up all of its southern culture when I’m there. My long-muffled southern accent comes back to life, my relatively clean diet turns  into butter and fried foods only, and I dance with complete strangers– because that’s the Savannah way.


Since I am a proud Floridian at heart, I had to debut my pink chiffon flamingo top from Goodnight Macaroon to assert my flogrown roots. Paired with navy blue short shorts and tall wedges? I was the epitome of a Savannah springtime bumpkin; one who was unaware that cobblestones and wedges don’t work well together. No ankles broken, though, so that’s a positive. Full outfit details at the bottom of this post.



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Where are you favorite places to go in gorgeous Savannah? A full trip recap post is on its way. Can I like… just live there?


♥ Stephanie


7 thoughts on “Down by the Savannah River:
Party in a Pink Chiffon Flamingo Top

  1. Pink and Green Mom

    I lived in Savannah for a couple of years. Looove it so much. I was just there for a few hours this weekend. I love grabbing pizza at Vinnie's in City Market, ice cream at Leopold's, walking around Forsyth Park, Bonaventure Cemetery, Oatland Island Wildlife Center and just any random street to look at houses. Love that flamingo top!


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