Amazon Finds: Favorite Summer Dresses under $50 [Updated!]

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Cute summer dresses on Amazon curated by affordable fashion blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

It may just be the Florida girl in me, but blue reminds me so much of the ocean. It’s just calming and peaceful and feels so good to wear this time of year. Anyway, it’s no surprise that when I went looking for cute summer dresses on Amazon, I chose mostly blue ones. That being said, Amazon is a literal goldmine for cute summer dresses right now, so I also ordered about a dozen different white and pink Amazon summer dresses, too. After trying somewhere between twenty and twenty-five dresses on, I weeded out the stragglers and wanted to share the winners with y’all in today’s post! Here are my top ten favorites, all of which are under $50!

You can also click play on the Reel below to see some of them on. I’m linking them in the order shown just underneath–

1. Ruffle Swing Dress | 2. Two-Piece Cropped Wide Leg Jumpsuit | 3. Eyelet Ruffle Mini Dress | 4. Tie Strap Maxi Dress | 5. Tiered Color Block Mini Dress

Cute Amazon Summer Dresses under $50 | 1-5

Affordable fashion blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares her favorite Amazon summer dresses under $50 on Diary of a Debutante

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1. Low Ruffle Maxi Dress– This low ruffle maxi dress is the definition of light and airy! It’s lined, too, and reminds me so much of some of the popular $200+ maxi dresses. It’s very much a shift dress, though, so if you don’t like that style, you should probably skip this one.

2. Ruffle Swing Dress– I bought this ruffle swing dress in hot pink for Hawaii last year (check out the full honeymoon try-on haul here) and loved it so much that I couldn’t resist ordering it in light blue, too. It has pockets and looks adorable with wedges, heels, and flats. It comes in a bunch of colors and a longer-sleeve version, too!

3. Gingham One Shoulder Midi Dress– This gingham one shoulder midi dress reminds me so much of something you’d find at Vineyard Vines or Lilly Pulitzer! The elastic waist makes it feel like a nightgown, which is never a bad thing, and the one-shoulder top and tiered skirt details are just so fun and summery. I included the pink as #8 on this list, too, because I’m that obsessed with it.

4. Tiered Color Block Mini Dress– How cute is this tiered color block mini dress?! It comes in ten different colors and patterns and is just so adorable in person. It’s definitely a shift dress, though, so if you like dresses that are more form-fitting, this one may not be quite right for you!

5. Button Down Mini Dress– Not to be dramatic, but I want to live in this button down mini dress. It’s the definition of versatile and can be worn with heels, wedges, and flats. The material is super soft and stretchy, too, and I love the buttons so much!

Cute Summer Dresses on Amazon | 6-10

Affordable fashion blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares ten cute summer dresses under $50 on Amazon on Diary of a Debutante

6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

6. Tie Strap Maxi Dress– File this tie strap maxi dress under Amazon finds I don’t want to take off. The tie straps are so darling, and the length is perfect for a summer maxi dress. It comes in over a dozen different colors and prints, but I’m partial to the blue and white. So perfect for summer!

7. Smocked One-Shoulder Sun Dress– This one-shoulder sun dress gives me serious Lilly Pulitzer vibes– but for 1/8th of the cost. It comes in a bunch of adorable summer prints and solid colors, too!

8. Tiered One-Shoulder Midi Dress– #3 is this exact dress in blue, so in case you can’t tell, it’s one of my top Amazon summer fashion finds. It comes in a bunch of solid colors and floral prints, too, but I’m partial to the pink and blue gingham.

9. Two-Piece Cropped Wide Leg Jumpsuit– Let me start out by saying that (A) I know this isn’t a dress and (B) I rarely, if ever, wear crop tops or jumpsuits. This two-piece jumpsuit intrigued me, though, because it looks like it was made for vacation. I ordered it in light green, expecting to hate it on me, and was shocked by how much I loved it. I ended up ordering it in white, too, for the 4th! It feels like it was made for my body type, so if you’re a similar height and weight, I’m pretty sure you’ll be obsessed with this one, too!

10. Eyelet Ruffle Mini Dress– Y’all, I’m so upset I didn’t find this one before my wedding! It’d make an absolutely perfect bridal shower or rehearsal dinner dress. The quality is insane for the price tag, too!

Thanks so much for reading, y’all! As always, please let me know if you have any questions about sizing, quality, or overall fit of any of these Amazon summer dresses. I love hearing from you guys, and I’m happy to help!


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