DIY Pink Monogram Cheese Board

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Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shows how to make your own DIY wooden cheese board on Diary of a Debutante

There’s nothing I love more than a good cheese board! I went searching for a cute pink board for Easter, though, and couldn’t find one anywhere. So, I decided to make my own! I kind of took the easy route and purchased my own unfinished board off Amazon, but what I love about this project is that you can actually cut your own slab of wood and/or use an old wooden plank you have lying around your house to achieve the same result. I also love that you can completely customize the color and add a monogram or special design if you like. That said, I’m sharing how I made/designed/painted my DIY wooden cheese board in today’s post. Keep reading for tips on how to make your own!

DIY Wooden Cheese Board

DIY pink charcuterie board created by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

DIY Cheese Board Materials

  • Unfinished cheese board– I used this one, although you can totally cut your own piece of wood, too! The wood is untreated with no finishes, so it’s great for staining and painting. If your cheese board or plank is finished/made of treated wood, you’ll need to sand it down with sandpaper before painting. 
  • Paintbrush– I highly recommend steering clear of those cheap sponge brushes– they’re the worst. Bristle brushes are where it’s at. I used this pack
  • Light pink non-toxic acrylic paint– I mixed this non-toxic pink acrylic paint with non-toxic white acrylic paint to create a softer pink. If you use another shade or brand, make sure it’s non-toxic. You can normally check on the back label. 
  • White non-toxic acrylic paint– I used this one to create a lighter shade of pink and paint on my monogram. 
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 (or any other smart cutting machine)– I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to create a stencil and then painted over it with non-toxic acrylic paint. You can also create an iron-on vinyl decal and then iron it on with an EasyPress (or an iron). 

How to Make Your Own Wooden Cheese Board

To start, mix your custom shade of pink in a styrofoam bowl. I wanted a really light shade, so I mixed 50% baby pink acrylic paint and 50% white acrylic paint to create this color. If you want to create a totally different color, go for it– just be sure that the paint you use is acrylic and non-toxic. 

Quick note— if your cheese board or wooden plank has a finish on it, you’ll need to gently sand it down before painting. 

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shows how to make a wooden serving board on Diary of a Debutante

Next, use a medium-sized bristle paintbrush to cover the surface area of the cheese board. I also used a small bristle paintbrush to cover the sides and handle. You’ll probably need to apply at least two coats, leaving the first to dry completely for about an hour. 

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka uses non-toxic pink acrylic paint to paint her own wood cheese board on Diary of a Debutante

Finally, if you want to add a monogram, I created a small stencil in Cricut Design Space and transferred it to the board with contact paper. I taped down the edges with Scotch tape (to make sure it didn’t move in the process) and then painted over the stencil with non-toxic white acrylic paint. Be sure to hold the brush directly up and down (same technique I use on my DIY Cricut doormats). If you don’t, the paint may bleed through and you won’t get a crisp monogram. 

Allow the monogram to dry overnight– annnd you’re done! You’ve got a cute DIY wooden cheese board ready for serving! 

Another quick note— you definitely need to avoid getting this painted DIY cheese board wet. Use a paper towel to wipe it down with water and a little vinegar if you need to clean it. 

DIY painted wood charcuterie board created by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

What do y’all think?! I absolutely love the way it turned out and already know I’m going to make a handful more of these for Christmas! For more fun spring DIY projects, check out the Spring Projects tab on my home page! 

Also, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this DIY wooden cheese board tutorial. I love hearing from you guys, and I’m happy to help!

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