The Ultimate Pink Party:
Victoria’s Secret PINK Takes UCF

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Once, in a dream land, I woke up to a closet filled with gorgeous lingerie; everything was pink, and I was hanging out with Victoria Secret angels and notorious hip-hop moguls. Although that wish has yet to come entirely true, it came close when UCF became the Victoria Secret Pink Collegiate Showdown Champs for 2013.



The admirable tenacity, ie. stubbornness, of UCF’s student body finally paid off when we beat out all other schools in various social media contests to win this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. VS Pink and a few of their gorgeous models, Elsa Hosk and Sara Sampaio to be exact, came to party at my fabulous alma mater for an entire week. The Pink Nation Campus Party consisted of carefully placed Pink paraphernalia all over campus, tons of free lingerie-related stuff, a ballin’ pool party, and a private Flo Rida and The White Panda concert.




The Flo Rida concert was sweet like sugar, and it spinned our heads right round. It even made some ladies cry… just a little. See what I did there?


Also, as a part of our Collegiate Champion status, Victoria Secret has included the Knights in their adorably comfortable PINK Collegiate CollectionIt’s. About. Friggin’. Time.




The Pink Takes UCF brigade was a sparkly playground for pretty much every female (and most male) student ever to attend UCF ever. In combination with the string of wins for our football team, I’ve never seen so much Knightly spirit. It was such a fabulous and morale-boosting way to kick off the new school year. Proud to be a UCF alum!

Thank you, VS Pink, for giving us this amazing opportunity. My only question is whether or not we’ll be eligible to win this again next year?! All estimated 50,000 students will be diligently//ruthlessly rallying to get y’all back to the CFE Arena. Sorry we’re not sorry.


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Victoria’s Secret PINK Takes UCF

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