Holiday Budgeting Hack: New (Free) Online Shopping Tool from Shoptagr

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An all-new, free online shopping tool from Shoptagr

It’s really difficult for me to grasp how quickly 2016 has flown by. It feels like I was in DC visiting Sarah for Valentine’s Day like… yesterday. Halloween is around the corner, which means that October is somehow almost over, which means there’s only two months til Christmas! Kyle and I just decided that we’ll be spending December in Maine, and I’m literally elated to actually experience a white Christmas outside of the tropical Florida climate for once in my life. I have to constantly restrain myself from blasting Christmas music and prematurely chopping down my own tree, which is what Maine people do. I must admit, though, that even though visions of holiday grandeur are floating through my head, adult-ing has made me pretty budget conscious. I love a good deal almost as much as I love the holiday season, so I’m really excited I found, which is a fabulous free online shopping tool that lets you save and track your favorite items and gift ideas, right down to the size and color, and will alert you if the price drops or if an item comes back in stock. Pretty sweet, right?

Thousand of people are already using it, and I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t want to at least try it– so to get started, download the free app for web and mobile here and start browsing your favorite sites like normal. It’ll take you about thirty seconds to install on your browser, and if you need it, there’s a help button on the bottom right hand of the screen. When you see an item that you like or want to bookmark, click the Shoptagr icon from your bookmarks bar.

An all-new, must-have, free online shopping tool from ShoptagrAn all-new, free online shopping tool from Shoptagr

Then, select the product’s specifications, like size and color (if applicable) and/or desired discount level (if it goes on sale, if it’s 25% off, 50% off, etc). Just make sure to hit Save when you’re done, or your item will sadly be missing from your Shoptagr site.

An all-new, free online shopping tool from Shoptagr

You can also categorize the items you “tag” into their own groups, so it’s perfect for creating and maintaining digital shopping lists for yourself, your family, co-workers, etc. Right now, I’ve got my own Wish List going, as well as Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Kyle, and Gifts for My Girlfriends lists, and I’m adding more every time a new person pops up on my mental shopping list.

An all-new, free online shopping tool from ShoptagrAn all-new, free online shopping tool from Shoptagr

I seriously doubt I’m the only woman in her mid-to-late 20s who still makes a Christmas list, so you can also share items from your wist list(s) with friends and family. Once you’re done browsing online, head back to the Shoptagr site to find all your tagged items arranged in a clean, Pinterest-style format, where you can further organize your products into groups or collections. Also, you don’t need to be partial to online shopping to benefit from Shoptagr, either. Iphone and Android apps have just been released, so you can save items to your shareable watch list while window shopping this holiday season.

An all-new, must-have, free online shopping tool from Shoptagr

Last but not least, Shoptagr’s retail partners include Asos, Bloomingdales, Shopbop, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter and hundreds others… and the list continues to grow (you can read a full list of participating retailers here). I’m not kidding– this fabulous platform has completely revolutionized the way I do my online shopping, especially for high-traffic cyber shopping days, like Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Obviously, sales are always limited by timeframes and quantities, but Shoptagr will give you immediate live notifications before your size and/or color sell out. It’s become my go-to free online shopping tool for saving time, money, and precious energy… and I’m pretty much obsessed.

An all-new, free online shopping tool from Shoptagr

Seriously, do yourself (and your bank account) a favor and sign up for Shoptagr here before you start any of your holiday shopping. Let me know how you like it!

Thank you, Shoptagr, for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are mine alone. 


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