Coping with the Cold: At-Home Spa Tips for Dry Winter Skin

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How to give dry winter skin an at-home spa treatment with Jergens

Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m a native Floridian. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve temporarily relocated to Maine with my boyfriend, Kyle, to experience a real New England fall and winter– specifically to experience an actual white Christmas. All splendor from wearing scarves, picking apples, and chasing rainbows of fall leaves aside, I had no idea my skin could ever be this dry! To complicate matters even more, I’m obsessively particular about what I put on my sensitive skin, so I’ve started relying on Jergens, specifically Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Calming Green Tea Oil, to combat dryness and keep my skin looking and feeling great, despite weathering arctic temperatures, for under $7 a bottle.

Our place is way too far (and I’m much too cheap) to visit the spa every week to mitigate painful dry winter skin, so I’ve combined elements of all my prior spa experiences to create my own personal method for giving my skin a much-needed, at-home spa treatment when it’s in peril. Everybody’s body is different, so adapt and change these at-home spa treatment steps to best fit your skincare (and personal) needs.

1. Set the mood.

If you’ve ever walked into a spa’s waiting room, the first thing you’ve probably noticed are the ubiquitous signs demanding that you please turn off your cell phones and electronic devices. Ergo, turn off your phone or leave it in the room furthest from your bathroom. Set out your favorite cozy robe, play a tranquil music playlist, light a candle, and retrieve the beautiful bouquet of flowers you bought for yourself just because you felt you deserved them– and for the record, you totally did. I also like to brew myself some hot chamomile tea to sip on while I enjoy my bath, although red wine and champagne make great alternates.

How to give dry winter skin an at-home spa treatment with Jergens

2. Draw a bath.

Once you’ve arranged your own personal zen garden, draw yourself a hot bath with soothing essential oils or epsom salts and massage any tense muscles as you soak. I know bath bombs are all the rage, but after my first few attempts stained my white bath tub, I’m partial to lavender bath bubbles.

3. Apply a face mask. 

Everybody loves a good at-home facial! Contrary to what many people believe, face masks should be applied before washing the face, not after you get out of the shower or bath tub. Washing your skin before and after a mask may be too drying for many skin types, especially during the colder winter months. According to leading dermatologists, anything you apply after a shower will be more rapidly absorbed, so you can potentially cause more unwanted irritation. The most important after-shower product for your face and body is something hydrating to re-add nourishment and seal in moisture.

4. Exfoliate.

While you’re sipping your tea and enjoying your bubble bath, exfoliate with a gentle sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs, paired with the right lotion, can be the perfect non-abrasive solution to keeping your skin smooth and radiant throughout the coldest and driest months of the year. Plus, you can easily make your own recipe from scratch if you’re into concocting your own home beauty products. I actually shared one of my favorite homemade sugar scrub recipes here!

How to give dry winter skin an at-home spa treatment with Jergens

5. Rinse

Remember to rinse off with clean water before getting out of the bath. Dermatologists warn that not properly rinsing soap or cleansing products off can cause skin irritation and exacerbate dryness.

6. Moisturize.

Now, for the pièce de résistance– Once you’re relaxed, clean, and out of the shower, use oil-infused Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Calming Tea Tree Oil to lock in moisture when skin is most receptive to it. This completely new moisturizer from Jergens has a quick-absorbing formula (think double the moisture in half the time) enriched with green tea oil, which is derived from the mature leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant and is known for its antioxidant and natural softening properties. Apply the lotion immediately after showering to wet, not dry or damp, skin. Use a dime-sized amount for each arm, and a quarter-sized amount for each leg. Once you’re done applying the lotion, just pat dry, and you’re ready to go– no need to re-rinse or anything. Even if you have super sensitive dry skin this winter (like me), you’ll love its lightweight, non-sticky feel that’ll produce legitimate all-day softness.

How to give dry winter skin an at-home spa treatment with Jergens How to give dry winter skin an at-home spa treatment with JergensHow to give dry winter skin an at-home spa treatment with Jergens

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer also comes in four other scents, one of which is their original Cherry Almond Essence fragrance, which is actually exclusive to Walmart. I’ll admit– I was initially drawn to the new, pretty blue bottle during a recent scavenger hunt in the Walmart Beauty aisle, and I’m so glad my affinity for aesthetics and I gave this product a try, especially with temperatures already dropping into the 20s in Maine this week. Other scents include Nourishing Monoi Oil, Refreshing Coconut Oil, and Restoring Argan Oil. Needless to say, I will eventually collect them all.

How to give dry winter skin an at-home spa treatment with Jergensocclusive

So, if you’re also prone to developing dry winter skin as soon as the temperature starts to drop, this may be an at-home spa treatment you should consider trying. Not only has it worked wonders for me and my skin, we can always use a reason to slow down and pamper ourselves, right? 


15 thoughts on “Coping with the Cold: At-Home Spa Tips for Dry Winter Skin

  1. Julie Wood

    I exfoliate all the time, but the only area that is so dry on my skin is my forehead area. I have to use a very heavy cream in that area or I will have flaky skin. I need to try the Wet Skin moisturizer. I have never used it before. Love all of your tips.

  2. Pamela Gurganus

    I keep my skin healthy in the winter by dressing for the weather, fill up on healthy fats, stay hydrated and double up on vitamin C.

  3. kimpcole

    In addition to drinking more water in the winter, I use sheet masks in the evening before my regular skin regime of moisturizer & serum. And then I moisturizer again in the am with added spf!
    ~ Kim Pincombe Cole

  4. jalapenomamamn

    Daily moisturizing and splashing lots of cold water on my face keeps my skin looking good.
    Rafflecopter name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  5. amweeks

    I use a lot more moisturizer in the winter! And run a humidifier in my bedroom at night. And for my hands, I have a paraffin wax machine.

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