The Winter Skincare Routine That’s Totally Changed My Skin

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Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares a winter skincare routine for sensitive skin on Diary of a Debutante

I have really dry, oily sensitive skin. My face is pretty much always red and irritated, too, which prompted me to schedule an appointment with my dermatologist last month. On top of experiencing normal winter dryness, she told me I’d been essentially torturing my skin with a combination of harsh creams, acids, and serums and that I needed to simplify and soften my daily skincare routine. I did some research and decided to order a gentle cleanser, hydrating serum, and moisturizer from the AVEENO CALM + RESTOREᵀᴹ line at Target. Each product is hypoallergenic, free of fragrances, parabens, dyes, alcohol, and phthalates, and formulated with prebiotic oat (an antioxidant that can help soothe skin and nourish the moisture barrier). Basically, they’re about as soothing and gentle as you get can, and I’ve seriously been so thrilled with the results so far.

If you have sensitive skin, keep reading for my new winter skincare routine! It’s only five steps, and seriously, you’ll never settle for sensitive skin again. 

Winter Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka's skincare routine for red sensitive skin on Diary of a Debutante

When my dermatologist told me to simplify my routine, I mean I simplified my routine. I went from about ten different steps (depending on the time of day) to the same four steps (plus an SPF in the morning). Here are the products I use–

1. Pre-Cleanse

In addition to the dryness, oiliness, and sensitivity, my skin’s also acne-prone. So, before cleansing, I pull my hair up and massage a gentle pre-cleanser over my dry face. This helps remove makeup, sunscreen, and daily pollution build-up. 

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares her winter daily skin care routine on Diary of a Debutante

2. Nourishing Oat Cleanser

Next, I wet my skin with lukewarm water (not hot water– a mistake I used to make all the time) and use AVEENO CALM + RESTORE Nourishing Oat Cleanser to gently cleanse. It seriously smells amazing, and I love how hydrating it is for my skin’s moisture barrier. I massage 1-2 pumps in a circular motion for about a minute and then pat dry without rubbing. 

Aveeno Calm and Restore cleanser review for women with sensitive skin by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

3. Triple Oat Serum

Once my face is dry, I massage 3-4 drops of AVEENO CALM + RESTORE Triple Oat Serum into my skin. It’s formulated with a Triple Oat Complex consisting of oat flour, extract, and oil that smells amazing and legitimately made my skin feel/look smoother and more hydrated after the first use. 

    Aveeno Calm and Restore serum review for women with sensitive skin by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

    Another thing I love about AVEENO CALM + RESTORE Triple Oat Serum is that it’s lightweight and absorbs super quickly without feeling oily or leaving behind a greasy residue. I also really like that the dropper’s easy to use and dispenses the proper amount of product. Seriously, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than having to rinse off a latte’s worth of extra serum on your fingers, am I right?!

    Blogger Stephanie Ziajka share an Aveeno Calm and Restore Triple Oat Serum review on Diary of a Debutante

    4. Oat Gel Moisturizer

    Once the serum’s had time to dry, I massage a generous amount of AVEENO CALM + RESTORE Oat Gel Moisturizer onto my skin (including my neck!) using an upwards and outward motion. Its secret ingredient is prebiotic oat, which smells amazing, instantly soothes sensitive skin, and replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier. 

    Aveeno Calm and Restore moisturizer review for women with sensitive skin by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

    As a woman with oily-combination skin, I can’t stand heavy moisturizers. There’s seriously nothing worse than layering on a product that’s supposed to be “hydrating” for oily combination skin but, in reality, just leaves you looking like a grease bomb exploded on your face. That said, I love that AVEENO CALM + RESTORE Oat Gel Moisturizer is a lightweight gel. Not only does it absorb into the skin without creating extra shine, it leaves my skin feel comfortable and moisturized all day. 

    Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares an Aveeno Calm and Restore Oat Gel Moisturizer review on Diary of a Debutante

    5. SPF

    Last, but not least, both my mom and dermatologist would both be super disappointed if I didn’t mention SPF. Sun damage can wreak all sorts of havoc on your health and complexion, whether or not you have sensitive skin. So, I apply a daily facial sunscreen with SPF 30 every morning, even when it’s cloudy or I’m planning on staying indoors. This final, super important step helps prevent sunburn and protects against the damaging effects of pollution and blue light. 

    Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares her go-to skincare for winter on Diary of a Debutante

    And there you have it– the winter skincare routine for sensitive skin that I swear by! Seriously, I’ll never settle for dry sensitive skin again– and you shouldn’t either. If you’re looking for gentle products to add to your beauty lineup, you can find all the AVEENO CALM + RESTOREᵀᴹ products I use at Target and on Click below to shop!

    Lastly, I know buying skincare online can be daunting. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about my experience with any of these products. I love hearing from you, and I’m happy to help. Thanks so much for reading, y’all!


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