Tap into Your Inner Beauty:
Smile Back at Mom This Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and this year I’m more thankful than ever to call Dr. Dianne Knight, or Doc Knight (yes, like Batman) as my brothers and I call her, my amazing mama. When I was younger, we butted heads, as teenagers and parents tend to do, but now I look to her as not only a parent, but a counselor, a role model, and most importantly– a best friend. She’s coached and loved me through my darkest hours, and her never-ending support has served as a driving force on my long road to the recovery of my well being and self esteem.


DK has always tried to ingrain the importance of inner beauty into my brothers and me. True beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s something that resonates from within. When you’re at peace with your life, you emanate love and happiness… and nothing characterizes the indisputable beauty of my mother more. She is just one happy lady, and her attitude is downright contagious… so contagious it’s obnoxious sometimes. If she’s taught me one thing, not including the critical mastery of killing people with kindness, it’s to be your own best friend. Love yourself like you would love your BFF, and that is the key characteristic of true beauty and inner peace.


Dove, my go-to brand for all things body at Walgreens, is currently singing the same tune with their, “We see real beauty, so should you!” tag line, and I adore it. Dove is generating some pretty serious momentum for the importance of building positive self esteem, and they’re openly calling all of us females to take action and inspire one another. The power of a smile, or short words of encouragement to a young girl in your life, can be simple yet so impactful to a lost and hurting heart. This Mother’s Day, Dove and Walgreens are committed to showing mothers everywhere how much they’re loved and appreciated through capturing the beautiful moments we’ve experienced together! Go to the Walgreens Facebook Page and create a free customized Mother’s Day sticker to share with your precious mama this weekend!



Oh, and if you’re at a loss for ideas about how to smile back at your mother this Mother’s Day, hit up Walgreens for some fabulous deals on amazing mama-approved products. If you purchase two participating Dove products and you have a Balance Rewards card, you’ll receive a promo code on your receipt to redeem a free 8×10 collage print to gift as a special memento. Also, from now through May 31st, if you buy one of your favorite Dove products, you’ll get the second 50% off. Heck. Yes. I’ll have 8 body washes, please.


How are you celebrating with your mom this Mother’s Day? Any brunch plans or family traditions? Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing mamas out there!


♥ Stephanie


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Smile Back at Mom This Mother’s Day

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