Traveling with Chaatz: The Best Free Messaging App for Fighting Homesickness

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Chaatz free messaging app

My current location is Rhode Island. I was in Maine two days ago, Charleston seven days ago, and Tampa ten days ago. As much as I love chasing the taste of wanderlust, I miss my friends and loved ones dearly when I travel. No matter how senile become, I’ll always have that eleven-year-old curse of homesickness when I’m not within driving distance of my mama and my dorky big brothers. To cope with the distance, I’ve researched all the best free messaging apps, and I landed on a brand new app called Chaatz

Chaatz is a super fun and engaging messaging platform with a handful of special features, including a customized comic strip interface, in-app gaming, “winks,” and doodles. As long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can communicate verbally or photographically with your loved ones whenever your heart desires. Plus, you can create your own customized profile, where you can upload your own video plus up to five photos to create a truly individual profile like no other. You can also check up on all your friends via their profile updates, too, which is a fun way to stay up-to-date with everybody without spending hours on social media.

Chaatz free messaging app Chaatz free messaging app

I’ve experimented with just about every other free messaging app under the sun, but I’ve gotta say… Chaatz keeps me pretty darn hooked. Even when I’m alone on a barren beach, it provides entertainment beyond messaging due to a variety of fun features (all detailed below) without having to switch from app to app. It’s a fun new way to communicate in whatever way suits your unique personality, all while building relationships with friends and family.

Chaatz free messaging appChaatz free messaging app

To reiterate the awesomeness of their many special features, Chaatz makes chatting more fun by showing your chat as a comic strip in both one-on-one and group chats, providing a playful and somewhat addictive visual message thread with your friends. You can also play some in-app games, like Checkers and Chess, with your contacts, and if everyone else is offline, you can challenge new connections while simultaneously chatting in the app.

Chaatz free messaging app

Chaatz also gives you a blank canvas to create and draw personalized messages to express your innermost feelings pictorially. Use the blank canvas to create a masterpiece from scratch or upload a photo to doodle directly on top of a real world image. Fair warning– you will be easily amused by this feature.

Chaatz free messaging app

Oh, and last but not least, you can express your exact emotions in real-time through the “winks” feature, which lets you create your own personal emojis with a quick snap of your face. Store and share up to fifteen Winks in your chat space to easily access, share, and laugh at with your friends and family. This is hands down my favorite features, since I spend way too much time and battery power opening up Snapchat every seven seconds to do the very same thing. Here’s a borderline embarrassing screenshot of some of the potential ridiculousness you could (and should) be enjoying right now:

Chaatz free messaging app

So next time you start coming down with a sad case of homesickness or just an urge to re-connect with your loved ones, try downloading the Chaatz app. It’s totally free and can provide pleasure, delight, and hilarity for hours. How do you stay connected during extended periods of travel? Do you use another free messaging app?

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