Thermafuse Runway Escapades: Premier Orlando Beauty Event

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I had the absolute pleasure of modeling for Thermafuse at the Orlando Premier International Beauty Show this past weekend…and not only is this event every girl’s dream playground (featuring hair products to teeth whiteners to skin care), but it also happens to be one of the largest beauty shows in the country. Naturally, I was right in my element, and the Thermafuse team beautified me with a color treatment, gorgeous up-dressing ((complete with 6-inch tall poof)), and a trunk full of dresses straight off of a plane from London.

I’m going to show the finished product BEFORE the prep. It’s less scary. Oh, this is fellow model Kelly, whose hair was styled into downright gorgeous blond bombshell territory. 
Backstage and kickin’. Who knew George Washington could look so fab? 


My long day with Thermafuse lasted from 7AM to 4PM, but there really wasn’t any time ((or space)) for playing. The model prep area was packed, and all the stylists and makeup artists were hard at work, attempting to turn all the models into 60’s-inspired goddesses. My hair was dyed, which toned my highlights down to a more natural-looking caramel color, then curled and half done in a George Washington-esque updo (see above for evidence). The pinned-back curls were removed and my finalized gorgeous up-dressing was revealed during a brief class then flaunted on a runway… I’ve never felt so Hollywood.


I thought long and hard about the ethical reasoning for not “forgetting to return” this dress. 


Although I didn’t receive one, primarily because my hair is naturally straight, Thermafuse specializes in smoothing treatments, utilizing the latest in amino acid technology to safely treat both natural and colored hair in what is known as their “Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment.” I saw their product at work first hand, and it’s INCREDIBLE. It’s independently lab-tested to be formaldehyde-free, providing a safe and pleasant environment for both the stylist and client. I’ll never use keratin again. You can read more about the Thermafuse brand here.




As for this weekend? Relaxing… and maybe finally redecorating my room (yes, this has been on my to-do list for over 2 months). Any big plans for y’all?


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