Seasonal Stunner Brigade: Tips for Staying Fit This Summer

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10 Tips for Staying Fit

It’s starting to feel rather summer-ish around these parts, and you know what that means… it’s time to ditch the over-sized sweatshirt and (omg) get in a swimsuit. 


Now, I’m horrible at maintaining a workout regime, and I binge eat more than I’ d like to admit. However, nothing motivates me more than knowing 100+ spectators will see me frolicking in a swimsuit. When I was preparing for Miss Florida a few years ago, I experienced what it was really like to diet, and I was miserable. Ergo, through advice from numerous trainers, online research, & personal observation, I’ve come up with an easily follow-able list of 10 tips for staying fit this summer.




 This is probably the most commonly noted ((and ignored)) fitness//overall wellness tip. Often times when I’m thirsty, I’ll misinterpret my body’s thirst for hunger. As a best practice, I try to drink 5 gulps of water before every meal. Create a minimum water consumption rule for yourself each day. Set times/volumes the day before, and make sure you hit your benchmarks. This will also do wonders for your skin.




No, you don’t have to limit yourself to Subway salads (oh yes, I’ve done it). If I’ve learned anything through my numerous diet attempts, it’s that exercise alone won’t help you lose weight, and cutting calories alone won’t help you lose weight, at least not in the long term. It’s a lifestyle change… a combination of both… that proves effective and long-lasting. Cut out fast food//eating out and try cooking at home. If you don’t have time (we all understand), pre-plan your meals in advance//invest in steamed vegetables or pre-made salads. This will also save you tons of money. Score.




Nobody looks good with toned arms//legs and a gut. Not only are there hundreds of unwanted calories in alcoholic beverages, but nothing screams McDonalds and a ruined workout routine more than a hangover. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit and only 7 to break one. Don’t erase all your hard work with a week of binge drinking.




At first, I’m terrible at committing to a gym routine (those first 21 days are killer); that is, unless I have a friend who depends on my attendance. You can hold each other accountable, while having fun and chatting in between reps.




I don’t understand how people can work out without music. It’s distracting, which is essential for me to get in a great workout. Nothing convinces me to run that extra mile more than Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” or R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest.”




It’s summer… go canoeing! Maybe embark on a trip to a trampoline arena like Rebounderz or take up Zumba instead of going for a traditional run on the treadmill.  I like to mix in rock climbing, bicycling, and dancing into my weekly escapades.




 Everybody deserves cheat days. Every trainer and dietitian I’ve ever consulted has told me that one bad day won’t cost you your rocking bod. If you’re depressed and feel like laying in bed and watching He’s Just Not That Into You with a gallon of cookie dough ice cream (ie, me when I’m sad), go for it… and don’t feel bad about it, either. Just make sure it’s not a habit.




They have photoshop and airbrushing, you don’t. Enough said.




I think everyone can agree that lack of sleep is devastating to a good workout. Sleep deprivation produces stress and fatigue and can also lead to more severe health concerns. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep for YOU (Some people can function on 4– what?! Lucky!) and you’ll enhance your overall well being, not just fitness.




Life is too short to obsess over each and every pound you gain or lose. Stick to a plan that allows for fun, indulging, and incorporates activities you enjoy.


Did I miss any good tips for staying fit this summer? Please share! Anything to help get me into summer stunner territory is much appreciated. I’m ready for bed, and it’s 6:30. Yikes. Have a wonderful week, loves!

23 thoughts on “Seasonal Stunner Brigade: Tips for Staying Fit This Summer

  1. Elaine Claire

    Great tips! I agree with these 100 percent! Last year I lost 20 pounds (my college weight) from just drinking more water, eating healthier (nothing too drastic), and adding 20 min of exercise a day! Best feeling in the world, thanks for this post πŸ™‚

    -Elaine Claire

  2. LaynahRose

    These are seriously good tips!
    I'm really bad at getting a routine down (ie I don't have enough self discipline) but it sounds like you've actually put these to practice, so I'm convinced they will actually work.

    1. [email protected] Post author

      Thanks, lady! Yes, I have put all of these to good use… maybe not at the moment (hehe), but they've all worked for me in the past πŸ™‚ Have a fabulous weekend!


  3. Adrian's Crazy Life

    I've recently rejoined Weight Watchers for probably the eighth time. They have some new online tools that are helping me do much better than I ever have in the past. It has automatic points calculators, daily reminders for each meal, bar code trackers, and included exercise logs. I still struggle with drinking enough water, exercising, and getting enough sleep, but it is encouraging that I'm losing weight and doing better with the program this time.

    1. [email protected] Post author

      I need to hop on the online calorie counting bandwagon, but I always forget to record stuff! I used to keep a food log and had the same problem πŸ™ Maybe one of these days my memory will stop failing me. Great tip!


  4. Sheila Simmons

    Thanks for visiting WOW! I worked out with a friend this morning and she told me she is limiting her alcohol consumption and has already lost some weight. Drinking should be in moderation especially if you like the fruity drinks like moi.

  5. Curleedst

    I so love the term "summer stunner" and your tips are SPOT ON! My boot camp coach tells us if you are doing 2 of the 3 you will NOT see the results you desire. If you are exercising and sleeping but have a poor diet – NO RESULTS. If you eat right and exercise and don't get adequate rest – NO RESULTS! All three must be in play: exercise, rest and a clean diet to unearth the 6 pack. No truer words have been said and I plan to share your tips on my Facebook Fan page. Wow you are very informed about this form of "exercise". I had a professor in college practice Tai Chi behind our business school in between classes. He was always ahead of the game. Thanks for sharing some of its benefits with us. Also thank you for stopping by this week's WOW Link Up. Please come back and join us each and every Wednesday. We would love to have you and read more of your blog posts. Cheers!


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