Things I Loved: January 2020 Edition

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January lasted approximately 167 days, so I’m excited to finally get to say HAPPY FEBRUARY, everyone! Truth be told, January was actually super busy, so I have no idea why it felt so painfully long, but it did. Thinking back, Kyle and I did quite a bit of fun stuff actually. We went on a cruise to Belize and Mexico, started looking into buying a home (eee!), and finalized some tabled wedding plans. In the midst of it all, I came across some pretty awesome stuff, and I think you guys’ll think it’s all pretty awesome, too. Here are 10 of my favorite things I found this past January–-

1. Pom Pom Sweater– This white pom pom sweater has fun lantern sleeves and is honestly the cutest thing ever. It comes in 3 colors (blush, cream, and gray) and is under $40! The sizing is a little weird, though, so I ordered the 4/6, which I’m assuming is a small, and it fits perfectly. 

2. Urban Decay Stay Naked Makeup Collection– My skin is extremely oily, so I’ve been loving Urban Decay’s Stay Naked weightless foundation, powder foundation, and correcting concealer. Combining these 3 products gives my skin the most amazing matte feel/finish!

3. Pink Resin Apple Watch Band– I bought this pink resin apple watch band for myself a few weeks ago, and I’m absolutely shocked by how nice it is. It takes a standard smart watch to a whole new level of cuteness. Full disclosure, though– if you have a silver or rose gold watch, you may also want this gold case to match. 

4. Ritual Vitamins– I finally gave in and tried Ritual Vitamins (the pretty clear vitamins you’ve seen all over Insta), and y’all– I’m hooked. They smell (and taste!) minty, are ultra transparent about ingredients, and show up on your doorstep every month. The best part, though? I can actually take them on an empty stomach. Yes, Ritual Vitamins are pricier than drugstore multivitamins (they cost $30/month for Women 18+, $35/month for Women 50+, and $35/month for Prenatal), but orders ship for free and can be cancelled anytime.

5. The Joy of Movement– A friend of Kyle’s recommended The Joy of Movement by Kelly McGonigal (I like to think of her as Professor McGonigal, though), and it’s life-changing. I’ve had an adverse relationship with exercise ever since my eating disorder, so it’s cool learning about the science behind exercise and how it can help us find happiness, hope, connection, and courage. 

6. Vegancuts Box– We went on a cruise with some of Kyle’s friends last month, two of whom recently purchased and now run Vegancuts. Their monthly Snack Box isn’t new (it is awesome, though– especially if you’re on the hunt for new vegan snacks), but they’ve now expanded into the beauty space, too. So, if cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics and skincare products are important to you, check out their monthly Makeup Box and Beauty Box. PS- Get 20% off if you sign up for their email list!

7. Southwest Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus– Okay, so… Kyle and I have been on the hunt for a credit card with great travel rewards for our wedding/honeymoon, and I’d always had my eye on the Southwest Priority credit card but was just waiting for an enticing sign-up bonus. Y’all– found one! You can earn up to 75,000 points if you sign up and spend $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months and $5,000 in the first six months from account opening. So, if you’ve got any big purchases coming up this year, it’s a great time to sign up and lock in that Companion Pass (ends 2/10/20)!

8. Mediterranean Diet– I don’t diet per say, but I do like to clean up my eating habits. A friend mentioned she was doing the Mediterranean Diet, so I (skeptically) dug into it… and started that same night. Think less red meat, more fish/poultry, and all the yummy and fresh things that so many diets restrict. Check out 50 delicious Mediterranean diet recipes here!

9. The Sill Houseplants– Everything outside is dead right now, so I’m putting all my eggs in our houseplant basket. I can’t find live plants anywhere, though, so I did a Google search and found The Sill. They deliver potted houseplants across the country with the goal of “making the experience of being a plant parent as wonderful as the plants themselves.” So fun, right?

10. Hot Roller Curls– I haven’t used hot rollers since my pageant days, but after reading Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup, I decided to give them another go. I bought this new set and these hair clips, and I’m telling you– it’s the only effective method for getting what I refer to as Victoria Secret bombshell hair. Tutorial coming soon!

Thanks for reading, y’all! 

Photography by Catherine Rhodes


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