Things I Loved: June-July 2020 Edition

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Hi, friends! So, in case you didn’t notice, I took a lengthy sabbatical from blogging in July and missed last month’s Things I Loved roundup. Long story short— I went to Maine, spent a lot of time on the water, cuddled a lot of puppies, and stayed far away from both COVID and the internet for a few weeks. No surprises here, but it was amazing, and if you can manage to escape for a few days, I highly recommend it.

Anyways, since I skipped last month’s roundup, I’m combining all my favorite finds from both June and July in today’s post. I mean, the best thing about quarantine is that you’ve got lots of extra time to learn and discover fun new things, right?! So, without further ado, here are ten of my favorite things I found over the past eight weeks–

1. Button Down Tank Top– If I had a summer uniform, this button down tank top would be half of it. I own a bunch and wear them on repeat this time of year. For reference, I wear a size small and love the slightly oversized fit. If you need a visual, check out the white floral print styled in my most recent Amazon Try-On Haul (#14)!

2. Be Luminous Yoga– Kyle and I tried Peloton yoga for a few months and then switched back to Be Luminous’ live Zoom classes, and they’re a world of difference. I’m still an uncoordinated neophyte yogi, so as much as I enjoy a good workout, I appreciate the personalized feedback and corrections more than anything else. Sign up and get your first month of unlimited classes for $5!

3. GoDaddy #OpenWeStand Microsite– If you’re a small business owner struggling to navigate COVID-19, GoDaddy’s #OpenWeStand community chat is chalk full of free resources, advice, and support. I worked with them on two sponsored campaigns weeks ago and still find myself referring back to their site almost daily. 

4. The Post Card Club– Remember that feeling you get when you receive an unsolicited, honest-to-goodness card in the mail? That’s why The Post Card Club is so fun. It’s essentially a subscription service that sends you pre-stamped postcards each quarter featuring images from local artists and photographers. You then turn around and send them to your friends, family, or whoever to spread joy via snail mail. Sounds super simple, right?! Honestly, it is– but it’s a shockingly meaningful way to check in or send well wishes to the ones you care about, especially during COVID.

5. How to Not Die Cookbook by Michael Greger– Kyle’s aunt cooked an amazing plant-based meal from the How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease while we were in Maine, so we ordered this cookbook the second we got home. It’s been an adjustment for sure– and I’m not sure I believe all the diet’s health claims, but y’all, I’ve never felt better. If you’re thinking about switching to a plant-based diet– or if you’re just looking to hit the nutritional reset button, I highly recommend checking out this cookbook. 

6. Blue Light Glasses– My sleep quality hit an all-time low in June, so I decided to order this cute pair of Beverly Beach blue light glasses. If you’re not familiar, blue light blocking glasses are special eyewear designed to filter the high-energy blue light coming from digital screens, which can help improve sleep and decrease eyestrain for those of us who stare at screens all day. Research is inconclusive about whether or not they’re actually effective, but they’re super cute, and I’ve had significantly less migraines since I started wearing mine!

7. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara– I’ve heard absolutely amazing things about Honest Beauty’s 2-in-1 Extreme Length Mascara, but it’s always out of stock, so I couldn’t ever see if the hype was real or not. Luckily, I found it in stock on Amazon, and it’s as awesome as everyone says it is. As soon as I put it on, my lashes are perfectly separated and practically double in length. I also love that it doesn’t clump, is cruelty-free, and has a built-in lash primer, too. 

8. Blue Goblets– I’ve been looking for “coastal” blue goblets forever, and I finally found these on sale at Macy’s. They’re absolutely perfect for summer and so darn gorgeous in person! To get a feel for their color, check out my simple 4th of July tablescape. Also, if you order a set, do not pay more than $50. Macy’s puts them on sale (I’m talking 50%+ off) just about every other day. 

9. Pink Fitness Kit– I’m normally repelled by exercise equipment, but this adorable pink fitness kit from BX Glow is just too cute. It comes with pink resistance tubes, resistance bands, and ankle weights– enough for a legitimate full body workout. 

10. Canvas Dog Crate– Nala is a neurotic mess without her crate, especially when we travel. A friend recommended this canvas crate for our trip to Maine, and it’s so much better than her metal crate. It’s ultra lightweight and super easy to travel with (we put it in our car top cargo bag, and it doesn’t make any noise at all). 

That’s all I’ve got for y’all this month! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’re all well and healthy!


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