I Bleed Black and Gold:
UCF Tailgating 101

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Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but down here we take football tailgating pretty seriously (case in point: professional UCF football photoshoot). Not only do people bust out trailers, TVs, what seem to be fully-loaded kitchens, and an array of gourmet hors d’oevrues, but we dress to impress in these parts. Donning a college t-shirt is the bare minimum, and coordinating your own game day outfit, accessories, and sustenance takes you to a whole new level of collegiate loyalty.

So, I’m sure everyone is aware that UCF is taking the nation by storm. We were recently ranked 23 in the BCS standings, which is our biggest accomplishment since we finished at 25 in the AP poll nearly 4 years ago, and our historically below-mediocre (ie. bad) football team is actually doing pretty well. Hey, but what UCF has always lacked in athletic prowess, we’ve made up for in student allegiance and style.

Things get legit while tailgating  in the “Gold Lot”

A friend back in college had this phenomenal tailgating spot (and game seats) in the illustrious “Gold Lot” right by the stadium, and therein my UCF football compulsion was born. Since then, I’ve been a devoted football proponent and SEC enthusiast. As a self-proclaimed expert tailgater, here are my game day must-haves:

1. Team Tervis Tumbler. You gotta keep that beer cold/coffee warm. Their collegiate line is fantastic, and I can’t get enough. I have 5 UCF tumblers… obsessive? I don’t think so.  | 2. Cute gold accessories, much like this fabulous J.Crew bracelet and Forever XXI knot stud earrings. They’re casual enough to rock on game day but sophisticated enough to dress up a work outfit. I’m a huge fan of accessory versatility, and you can’t go wrong with classic pieces, even if your team colors don’t include gold.  | 3. Team hair bows. Absolutely nothing screams adorable more than a spirited hair bow or ribbon. They’re super easy to make (if I can do it, you can), or you can look on Etsy for some fancier crafts. Kraftin Mommy, in particular, makes some perfect collegiate and holiday-themed hair bows. | 4. Statement Sunglasses, like these gorgeous Livia 2 Kate Spade shades. | 5. Game day dress, like this adorable Get Loud black and white chevron piece from The Mint Julep. Don’t limit yourself to only buying football-appropriate dresses, either. A Game Day Bow can turn any regular ensemble into a tailgating dream… for a fraction of the cost.  | 6. Sleek and stylish watch, like this sophisticated Michael Kors ‘Slim Runway’ timepiece… you know, for keeping track of the game and stuff. Plus, black watches are all the rage.  | 7. UCF blanket— in Florida, it’s either scorching hot or freezing cold, and odds are that on prime football nights, it’s going to be chilly. Always bring a blanket to cuddle and keep warm. This will also make you super popular, since everyone around you will be wanting some comfy action.


Hurray for the NCAA! Oh, and of course… GO KNIGHTS! What are your game day essentials?


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59 thoughts on “I Bleed Black and Gold:
UCF Tailgating 101

  1. Cherelynn

    OH your are so gorgeous in your collegiate inspired beauty! Go girl go! My family in Texas plan work and life events around the football schedule and are the people who roll up the day before to start setting up for the next day's game; complete with roll out lawn, full size bbq, a smoker, furniture and bar. Serious tailgaters!
    Have fun purty!
    Ciao ciao!

    1. Stephanie Ziajka

      I honestly think I got more into tailgating AFTER graduation (crazy!). Luckily, I live in my college town, so I'm still able to go to games and stuff. I'm obsessed. Have a great week!



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