You Are Enough:: Stamp Out Stigma with Wishes Delivered

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Stamp Out Stigma, UPS, UPS Wishes Delivered, Make a Difference, Holidays, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante

Photo by Jenna Kutcher

I posted earlier this week about an amazing new UPS #WishesDelivered initiative, and in addition to sharing my own personal wish, which is that everyone will feel like they’re enough, worthy, and loved this holiday season, I wanted to share a wish that desperately needs community support. It’s called Stamp Out Stigma, and its mission is to recognize, reeducate, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and substance abuse disorder, which now collectively affect 1 in 4 Americans. The truth is that mental illness is a medical disorder, not a character flaw or sign of personal weakness, and it’s time we commit to reeducating ourselves to eradicate judgement. This campaign challenges each one of us to transform the dialogue on mental health from a whisper to a conversation, since conversation leads to health-seeking action, which leads to recovery. Anyone can join the movement by taking the pledge here to stamp out stigma. We’re almost to 12,000 pledges, so every single participant counts!

Stamp Out Stigma, UPS, UPS Wishes Delivered, Make a Difference, Holidays, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante

I also wanted to follow up with some amazing wishes UPS has featured on YouTube. The first truly heartwarming story is about Mr. Brown and his passion for spreading the need for literacy:

Here’s a short clip about a wonderful, small non-profit organization called Handmade Especially for You that knits and crochets comfort scarves for abused women:

As simple as your wish story may be, UPS wants to spread the message! For each wish story shared with the hashtag #WishesDelivered, UPS will donate $1 to one of their charity partners (Boys & Girls Club of America, World Food Programme, Toys for Tots Literacy Program, The Salvation Army, or The UN Refugee Agency) up to $150,000! So literally, the more you share, the more good you do! Also, your wish could be featured on the #WishesDelivered Site by posting on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WishesDelivered.You can also go directly to the #WishesDelivered site and submit it there. I encourage y’all to share your wishes on all your social media channels, too, since just one spark starts the fire.

What’s your wish? Feel free to leave it in the comments section; I’d love to read it, whether it’s to stamp out stigma or to find a cure for cancer– they’re all important! If you can’t think of one, you can also share the name of a person or organization who’s making a difference in their community. Happy Holidays!


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3 thoughts on “You Are Enough:: Stamp Out Stigma with Wishes Delivered

  1. Jenna Kutcher

    Hi there! The print you have at the top is created by me and it isn’t credited anywhere in this post, as the artist (and someone who makes a living off of selling these prints) it would be wonderful if you could please credit any work you share here on this blog.

    1. [email protected] Post author

      Hi Jenna! I sincerely apologize. I found it on Pinterest, and the link must’ve been broken. I usually design them myself, but I loved yours too much to try and reproduce. You’re now credited, and I’ve included a link to your Society6 site. Sorry again!


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